10 Best Native Plants for Kenosha, Wisconsin

From its charming forests to the stunning shores of Lake Michigan, Kenosha is home to an abundance of natural wonders. If you want some of its beauty to thrive in your own backyard, you should consider planting some of the best native plants for the area. Here’s why native plants are better than non-natives: Native […]

10 Best Native Plants for Los Angeles

There’s a reason one of Los Angeles’ nicknames is City of Flowers and Sunshine: Its Mediterranean climate makes it an ideal location for growing plants. But not every plant is ideal for every climate. If you want an amazing garden, it’s always best to choose native plants that can thrive in the area. Let’s take […]

Best Grass Types for Marietta, GA

Marietta is a suburb of Atlanta, a city that’s nicknamed “Hotlanta.” Thus, hot, muggy summers are the norm. However, Marietta (and the rest of Atlanta) has a climate ideal for warm and cool-season grasses. But which ones are the best grass types for your Marietta lawn? And what’s the difference between cool and warm-season grasses? […]

11 Best Native Plants for Columbia, SC

Our balmy climate and Southern charm are what defines the Carolinas. And although it’s pretty hot for a good part of the year, Columbia has an abundance of ecoregions that support a wide array of plants.  The heat may discourage many homeowners from building a nice, big garden, but that won’t be a problem if […]

Best Native Plants for Phoenix

When dealing with the challenging climate of the Southwest desert, the key to having a beautiful lawn and garden is working with plants naturally adapted to the hot, arid environment. You can’t expect lily of the valley, which needs moist soil, mild temperatures, and average humidity, to thrive in a dry, sun-baked climate.  Thankfully, there […]

4 Best Grass Types for Little Rock

Little Rock is unique. Its climate is classified as subtropical, but the city experiences four distinct seasons with very short, cold winters. Named after an actual rock, “la Petite Roche” to the locals, the bustling metropolis has plenty of prime outdoor months with annual high temperatures averaging 73 degrees Fahrenheit and lows averaging 52 degrees […]