11 Native Plants That Will Make Your Durham, NC, Yard Pop

You can admire Durham’s captivating native plants in local forests and parks, but why not also grow them in your own yard? Not only will they be a beautiful addition to your property, but they’re good for the environment and easier to care for than non-natives. Read on to find out more about native plants […]

5 Best Grass Types for Your Durham, North Carolina Lawn

Durham abounds with natural beauty all year round. From showy, lush greenery in the summer to dreamy, snow-covered landscapes in the winter, the city has the best of both worlds.  Similarly, both warm- and cool-season grasses can thrive in Durham’s climate. But before you rush out and choose one, it’s important to know their strengths […]

11 Spring Lawn Care Tips for Durham Homeowners

When spring arrives in Durham, you may be thinking about visiting a park or going on a hike to explore the city’s breathtaking nature. But if you want your lawn to be breathtaking as well, you need to put in the time early and know what you’re doing.  We’ve got you covered. Here are 11 […]