10 Spring Lawn Care Tips for Tallahassee, FL

Charming cafes and elegant restaurants dot the streets of Tally, creating a tasty escape from the heat in the heart of Seminole country. Tucked away in the northern panhandle region of Florida, Tallahassee’s spring temperatures range from 70 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Implement our ten spring lawn care tips and take advantage of the pleasant […]

8 Hurricane-Resistant Landscaping Ideas for Tallahassee, FL

Tallahassee is nestled in the Florida panhandle between Jacksonville and Pensacola, 22 miles from the Gulf of Mexico and its pristine sandy beaches. This cultural city recognizes the power and destruction of hurricanes, even without a front-seat ocean view. Hurricane-force winds impact cities as far as 150 miles inland, wreaking havoc on your Tally lawn. […]

5 Best Grass Types for Tallahassee, FL

Affectionately known to the locals as Tally, Tallahassee is home to over 89 miles of hiking, walking, and biking trails. The city sits in the northern Panhandle, 22 miles from the Gulf of Mexico and its sugary beaches. It has a humid subtropical climate with mild winters and hot, dry springs. The best grass types […]