17 Best Native Plants for Murfreesboro, TN

Named the Most Livable Town in Tennessee, Murfreesboro offers excellence in education, medical facilities, employment opportunities, real estate, and recreational programs. Located in the Nashville metropolitan area of middle Tennessee, the city houses over 1,200 acres of award-winning parks and outdoor spaces.  Murfreesboro is the 3rd Fastest Growing City in America. The small city has […]

11 Spring Lawn Care Tips for Atlanta, GA

As spring arrives in Atlanta, homeowners are eager to go outside and start tending to their lawns. Unlike other southern cities, Atlanta experiences all four seasons, each bringing unique weather and lawn care needs. The spring season, in particular, requires special attention as the grass is still recovering from the harsh winter weather and is […]

4 Best Grass Types for Columbus, OH

Everyone wants a fabulous lawn, but who wants to work for it, especially when the weather doesn’t always work in your favor? Well, there are four best grass types for Columbus that can transform your backyard without much effort on your part. The Discovery City is known for its cold winters and regular temperature fluctuations, […]

Fall Lawn Care Checklist for Columbus, OH

Don’t wait until the last minute to start your outdoor winter prepping. Fall weekends can get awfully busy, but there’s no doubt certain outdoor activities shouldn’t be put on the back burner. Make it a priority to check these tasks off your fall lawn care checklist for Columbus and you will have a healthier and […]

Best Native Plants for Novi, Michigan

A nice lawn is visually pleasing, but great landscaping that features attractive plants, trees and shrubs really takes your yard to the next level. And the best way to ensure they thrive in a climate as diverse as Novi’s is to use native plants that are adapted to the region. There are several key benefits […]

4 Best Grass Types For Dearborn, Michigan

In Dearborn, we get to enjoy all four seasons to the fullest. So do our plants. The balanced mix of rain, shine, and mild temperature is great for most plants. And candidly, it wouldn’t be fair to live in a plant-friendly city and not have an amazing lawn to flaunt.  Four grass types, in particular, […]