10 Best Native Plants for Southern California

If you’ve been to the California Botanic Garden or the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, you know how beautiful native plants can be. Native species are not only well-adapted to the local climate but are also: Do you want to introduce native species to your garden? The best native plants for Southern California gardens will vary […]

9 Best Native Plants for California

Humans and plants alike love sunny California. But what plants like the Golden State best? Your garden will thrive if you use native plants instead of non-native plants. Vegetation originating in this state is more likely to be Different plants will do well in different parts of the state. For example, a plant that thrives […]

7 Drought-Resistant Landscaping Ideas for California

Drought is inevitable in California. We don’t have to like it, but we do have to live with it. However, you don’t have to watch your yard die (or your water bill climb) every summer. Adapt your yard to better survive hot, dry conditions, and your water bills and yard maintenance will drop off significantly. […]

6 Best Grass Types for Sacramento, CA

Sunny Sacramento is the perfect town for the outdoorsy type. You can enjoy its parks, rivers, and trails practically every day of the year. However, the dry, Mediterranean climate isn’t always friendly to lawns. Because of this, you need to choose a well-adapted grass type to give your turf the best chance. The best grass […]

8 Best Grass Types for California

From Eureka to Palm Springs, homeowners all over California seek picturesque lawns to complement their landscaping. But what grass should you choose? While it depends on your specific region, some grass types do well in large portions of the state.  The best grass types for California will survive and thrive in local conditions. Let’s break […]

6 Best Grass Types for Southern California

There’s nothing like relaxing on a fresh green lawn on a sunny day. But what kind of grass do you need to create your dream lawn?  Any SoCal turf has to handle the heat. You’ll also need to consider if your lawn is decorative or practical. You’ll need a grass type with good traffic tolerance […]