6 Best Grass Types for Sacramento, CA

Sunny Sacramento is the perfect town for the outdoorsy type. You can enjoy its parks, rivers, and trails practically every day of the year. However, the dry, Mediterranean climate isn’t always friendly to lawns. Because of this, you need to choose a well-adapted grass type to give your turf the best chance. The best grass […]

8 Low-Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for Sacramento, CA

You want a beautiful yard, but must it be so much work? Planting, fertilizing, mowing, weeding, watering — all those tasks add up. If you want to spend less of your free time caring for your yard and more time enjoying it, reconsider your landscape design. These low-maintenance landscaping ideas for Sacramento could save you […]

8 Fire-Resistant Landscaping Ideas for Sacramento, CA

The 2020 Grant Fire east of the city was too close for comfort for many Sacramento homeowners. Though the city historically hasn’t been as affected by wildfires as neighboring areas, Sacramento may be more at risk in the future. Homes are also at risk from nearby house fires. Planning ahead is vital so that if […]