6 Best Drought-Tolerant Grass Types for Southern California

In the face of frequent droughts, many SoCal homeowners have had to consider their lawns more. Can their turf survive the hot, dry summers without constant irrigation? Brown lawns may seem inevitable, but you don’t have to settle for excessive water waste or dead grass. If you choose one of the best drought-resistant grass types […]

8 Low-Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for Sacramento, CA

You want a beautiful yard, but must it be so much work? Planting, fertilizing, mowing, weeding, watering — all those tasks add up. If you want to spend less of your free time caring for your yard and more time enjoying it, reconsider your landscape design. These low-maintenance landscaping ideas for Sacramento could save you […]

8 Fire-Resistant Landscaping Ideas for Sacramento, CA

The 2020 Grant Fire east of the city was too close for comfort for many Sacramento homeowners. Though the city historically hasn’t been as affected by wildfires as neighboring areas, Sacramento may be more at risk in the future. Homes are also at risk from nearby house fires. Planning ahead is vital so that if […]

9 Low-Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for Los Angeles

Los Angeles’ warm, sunny climate is perfect for enjoying the outdoors, but it can make yard care a challenge. Thankfully, there are many low-maintenance landscaping ideas that can help you create a beautiful yard in LA that requires minimal upkeep. Let’s see how you can make your lawn care a little easier. In this article: […]

4 Best Grass Types for San Diego, CA

Choosing the best grass type for San Diego is essential for cultivating a lush, resilient lawn that withstands foot traffic from impromptu Martini cocktail nights, weekend barbecues, and your Comic-Con afterparty. In this article, discover the top grass types for San Diego yards to elevate your landscape and create the perfect backdrop for your SoCal […]

10 Best Native Plants for Los Angeles

There’s a reason one of Los Angeles’ nicknames is City of Flowers and Sunshine: Its Mediterranean climate makes it an ideal location for growing plants. But not every plant is ideal for every climate. If you want an amazing garden, it’s always best to choose native plants that can thrive in the area. Let’s take […]