4 Best Grass Types for Seattle

To survive in Seattle, you must tolerate its high humidity. The same rule applies to your turfgrass. After enjoying the wooded trails in Discovery Park and communing with native plants that thrive in Seattle’s maritime climate, you probably want to return home to a yard that is just as adaptable to the weather. That’s why […]

10 Low-Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for Louisville 

Your weekends in Louisville should be spent sipping mint juleps or cheering for your favorite horses at Churchill Downs instead of tirelessly working on your lawn care. It’s time to explore low-maintenance landscaping ideas that minimize outdoor chores and maximize your leisure time in the Bluegrass State. With low-maintenance landscape design, you can save time, […]

4 Best Grass Types for Pittsburgh

Your Steel City yard can become green and beautiful when you choose the right grass. The secret is to grow grass that can survive both the summer and winter temperatures of Pittsburgh. To help narrow down your choices, we’ve gathered the 4 best grass types for Pittsburgh lawns.   Choosing the perfect type of grass for […]

7 Best Grass Types for Oklahoma City

If you like to host BBQs for all the Sooners games, your grass needs to withstand the viewing party’s emotional roller coaster as you watch the score. Your turf also needs to handle OKC’s roller coaster weather. To get your yard ready for the games (and the changing seasons), we’ve compiled a list of the […]

6 Best Grass Types for Colorado Springs

When you’re picking out new grass for your outdoor space, it’s important to choose one that both looks great and can handle your local area’s environmental conditions. This is especially true when it comes to Colorado and its harsh winters. The 6 best grass types for Colorado Springs can handle the local environment while still […]

4 Best Grass Types for Flint, MI

For a cold-weather city like Flint, cool-season grasses are ideal. However, not all grass varieties can tolerate the region’s chilly weather. Here are the best grasses for seeding and growing lawns in Flint. In this article: 4 Great Grasses for Flint In Michigan, where each season is distinct and vibrant and winters are frosty, cool-season […]