8 Trees Native to Washington State

Within the picturesque landscapes of Washington State, a realm of natural treasures awaits. Here, native trees proudly stand as guardians of the land, their roots firmly grounded in this diverse region. These majestic trees native to Washington State offer many advantages, providing a food source for wildlife and a source of inspiration for the vibrant […]

10 Best Native Plants for Spokane, WA

You can enjoy a fantastic garden in Lilac City by planting native plants that are adapted to the city’s warm summers and cold, snowy winters. Need a guide? Let’s take a look at the 10 best native plants for Spokane.   In this article: Advantages of Native Plants Over Non-Natives Native plants belong to a specific […]

8 Best Native Plants for Tacoma, WA

While enjoying the scenic splendor of Puget Sound is great, it’s a long drive. Bringing the natural beauty that the water and native trees provide closer to home is even better. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best native plants for Tacoma to use in your yard to help you go native.  […]

10 Best Native Plants for Washington

After seeing the beautiful native trees and other native Washington plants at the Washington Park Arboretum or North Cascades National Park, you may wish to recreate the organic landscape in your own yard. This list of the best native plants for Washington will help you accomplish that goal. Why grow native plants? Native plants can […]

4 Best Grass Seeds for Spokane, WA

One of the great things about Spokane is its natural diversity and distinct seasons. But all that diversity has a price: Not all grasses thrive in conditions that swing from hot to cold and snowy.  So if a beautiful lawn is a must-have, it pays to know what kinds of grasses do well in our […]

5 Best Grass Types for Washington

After enjoying the rainforests at Olympic National Park or the stunning waterfall at Snoqualmie Falls, you may want to return home to a landscape just as beautiful and inviting. That’s why we’ve gathered the best grass types for Washington that thrive in the state’s cool weather and rainy conditions.  It doesn’t matter if you live […]