6 Best Grass Types for Kentucky

Kentucky, a state situated in the transition zone, offers homeowners various grass types to cultivate a lush lawn. The Bluegrass State boasts picturesque landscapes, and whether you’re hosting family barbecues or playing a game of catch with your kids, selecting the best grass type for Kentucky is essential to creating the perfect environment for your […]

10 Best Native Plants for Kentucky

If you’re looking for new plants to put in your outdoor space, your state’s native flora are often the best candidates. Not only are they beautiful and hardy, but they’re also very beneficial for your local environment. Here are some of the best native plants for Kentucky to help you decide which blooms to add […]

5 Best Grass Types for Louisville

Is your Louisville lawn in need of a makeover to impress guests during summer get-togethers or Kentucky Derby watch parties? Selecting the best grass type is crucial for cultivating an attractive, resilient lawn that endures high foot traffic and Kentucky’s distinct climate. In this article, discover the best grass types for Louisville yards to elevate […]

9 Best Native Plants for Louisville

Louisville, famous for the Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Fried Chicken, is home to many native plants as well. The city’s hot, humid summers and mild to cool winters, along with the fertile soil of the Ohio River Valley, create a perfect environment for these plants to thrive. This combination makes Derby City a wonderful place […]

10 Low-Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for Louisville 

Your weekends in Louisville should be spent sipping mint juleps or cheering for your favorite horses at Churchill Downs instead of tirelessly working on your lawn care. It’s time to explore low-maintenance landscaping ideas that minimize outdoor chores and maximize your leisure time in the Bluegrass State. With low-maintenance landscape design, you can save time, […]