4 Best Grass Types for Little Rock

Little Rock is unique. Its climate is classified as subtropical, but the city experiences four distinct seasons with very short, cold winters. Named after an actual rock, “la Petite Roche” to the locals, the bustling metropolis has plenty of prime outdoor months with annual high temperatures averaging 73 degrees Fahrenheit and lows averaging 52 degrees […]

5 Best Grass Types for Miami

One thing is for sure: Miami is known for its beautiful beaches. Packed with non-stop nightlife, diverse cultural arts, and luxury shopping malls, it’s no surprise this colorful city is a resident’s dream. But thanks to Miami’s tropical monsoon climate, residents enjoy their backyards and water sports year-round. Show off a thick green lawn you […]

13 Hurricane-Resistant Landscaping Ideas for Tampa, FL

Living on the Gulf Coast has nice benefits, like being able to visit the beach anytime you feel like it for a fun day of swimming and building sandcastles. The only problem is that living near the ocean leaves homes vulnerable to hurricane damage from flooding and high winds. You can never have a 100% […]

15 Best Native Plants for Austin, TX

Austinites keep it weird with our local celebrities, our infamous murals, and our love of nature. One way we show our love of nature is by growing flowers, shrubs, and trees native to the area. If you need ideas, we have 15 of the best native plants that are perfect for your Austin landscape.  But […]

5 Best Grass Types for Austin, TX

Even in the dead of winter, Austin temperatures average over 60 degrees, so it’s no wonder residents spend time in their yards year-round. Austinites love their barbeque and tacos, and enjoy eating them at parties in their luscious green backyard with friends and family. If you want an impressive lawn, choosing the right grass type […]

12 Hurricane-Resistant Landscaping Ideas for Jacksonville

Tropical weather isn’t all beautiful. Sunny weather may be followed by a tropical storm or a hurricane. While there’s only so much you can do to protect your home, hurricane-resistant landscaping can minimize damage and make cleanup easier. Here are 12 ideas to implement in your yard to help your landscaping weather the storm. In […]