8 Low-Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for Arkansas

Hiking, camping, kayaking, and exploring the great outdoors of the Natural State are all more fun and interesting than maintaining your Arkansas lawn. Luckily, there are low-maintenance landscaping ideas that will cut down on your lawn care chores so you can get outside to soak up the sun.   Switching to low-maintenance landscaping means less time, […]

20 Best Native Plants for Arkansas

Arkansas offers mountainous trails, serene lakes, running rivers, and fertile valleys. Located south of Missouri with the Mississippi River running the length of its western border, the Natural State is home to seven national parks. The diverse state has all the natural charm you could ever dream of. Invite some local nature into your landscape […]

6 Best Grass Types for Arkansas

Arkansas is best known for its scenic lakes, rivers, and hot springs, but it’s also home to the only active diamond mine in the U.S. How’s that for fancy? Arkansas’ climate is classified as humid subtropical, but the Natural State experiences four seasons with plenty of precipitation and short, cold winters.  Arkansas has plenty of […]

Fall Lawn Care Checklist for Little Rock, AR

The weather is milder, you’ve dug your sweater out of the closet just in case, and you’re ready to watch your beloved Razorbacks on TV, but your yard needs TLC. It is easy to mow your lawn and call it a day. However, successful spring lawn care begins in the fall, and September is the […]

9 Spring Lawn Care Tips for Little Rock, AR

Little Rock is unique. The metropolitan city experiences all four seasons. Centrally located, Little Rock has short but cold winters, leaving you more springtime than the average homeowner. Use this extra time to implement our 9 spring lawn care tips to help prepare your yard for backyard parties, barbecues, and the humid Arkansas summer.  In […]

4 Best Grass Types for Little Rock

Little Rock is unique. Its climate is classified as subtropical, but the city experiences four distinct seasons with very short, cold winters. Named after an actual rock, “la Petite Roche” to the locals, the bustling metropolis has plenty of prime outdoor months with annual high temperatures averaging 73 degrees Fahrenheit and lows averaging 52 degrees […]