5 Best Grass Types for Miami

One thing is for sure: Miami is known for its beautiful beaches. Packed with non-stop nightlife, diverse cultural arts, and luxury shopping malls, it’s no surprise this colorful city is a resident’s dream. But thanks to Miami’s tropical monsoon climate, residents enjoy their backyards and water sports year-round. Show off a thick green lawn you […]

20 Best Native Plants for Miami

Miami is a melting pot of cultures and arts and home to over 147 parks, gardens, and recreation centers. Florida contains over 4,700 species of native plants, so it is easy to create your own diverse cultural stew in your own backyard by filling it with Florida plants. Native plants offer many landscaping benefits, including: […]

9 Hurricane-Resistant Landscaping Ideas for Miami

Historically, Miami has the greatest chance of a hurricane impact. In this colorful city, residents recognize the power and destruction of these great storms and celebrate their strength through local sports teams like the Miami Hurricanes. While fans of “The U” celebrate on-field destruction, your South Florida lawn is another story. Here are some hurricane-resistant […]