4 Best Grass Types for Ocala, FL

With an average temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit in January, it is easy to see why Ocala, Florida, is a great place to raise and train thoroughbred horses. Named the “Horse Capital of the World” in 2007, this North Central Florida city has a humid subtropical climate with mild winters. The best grass types for […]

Guide to Warm-Season Grasses

Grass is just grass, right? Not hardly. If you live in southern U.S. states, you most likely have a warm-season grass for your lawn. This guide to warm-season grasses will explain why these are your best choices and detail how to keep your lawn green and healthy.  In This Guide: What Are Warm-Season Grasses? Warm-season […]

11 Spring Lawn Care Tips for New York

Spring is great in New York. In fact, late spring is the best time to visit the state and certainly one of the best times to live here. But spring is also the time of the year when your yard needs your attention again, and doing it right will give your lawn the foundation it […]

The Best Grasses for West Texas Lawns

West Texas is a desert – dry as a bone, hot as a stovetop, and with rainfall as scarce as hen’s teeth. In short, maintaining a lush lawn here can be difficult. So establishing a great yard begins with selecting grass that’s best for West Texas lawns. In this article: Bermudagrass Photo Credit: Bidgee / […]

11 Low-Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for Western Carolina

Western Carolina has ample natural beauty. Its mountains, high elevation, and variety of plant life set it apart from the rest of the Carolinas, so it’s essential that you know how to care for your yard in this unique climate. Adding turf grass, plants, and various other features to your property can be daunting at […]

4 Best Grass Seeds for Spokane, WA

One of the great things about Spokane is its natural diversity and distinct seasons. But all that diversity has a price: Not all grasses thrive in conditions that swing from hot to cold and snowy.  So if a beautiful lawn is a must-have, it pays to know what kinds of grasses do well in our […]