7 Grasses That Thrive in North Georgia

North Georgia enjoys all four seasons to the fullest. This diversity is super, but it can also disrupt a lawn’s appearance and health as the weather changes.  The secret to a problem-free and attractive lawn is to choose a grass that is adapted to your area. Luckily, both warm-season and cool-season grasses do well in […]

10 Best Native Plants for Washington

After seeing the beautiful native trees and other native Washington plants at the Washington Park Arboretum or North Cascades National Park, you may wish to recreate the organic landscape in your own yard. This list of the best native plants for Washington will help you accomplish that goal. Why grow native plants? Native plants can […]

10 Best Native Plants for Alabama

Alabama is known for its natural beauty, including breathtaking mountains, pristine beaches, and attractive native plants. But Alabama’s native plants aren’t just pretty; they’re also low-maintenance and great for the ecosystem. Additionally, you can affordably plant most natives from seeds. So, we researched and compiled a list of the best native plants for Alabama. Our […]

7 Low-Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for Michigan

With large seasonal changes in temperature, you don’t want to spend hours taking care of your lawn’s maintenance needs. Michigan’s humid summer months and harsh winters can make it difficult to get things done. With low-maintenance landscaping ideas for Michigan, you will worry less about yard maintenance and more about the Wolverines beating the Ohio […]

10 Best Native Plants for Richmond, VA

Virginia homeowners are no stranger to the natural beauty of the Old Dominion State. One of the best ways to complement the scenic landscapes in Virginia’s capital region is by planting the best native plants for Richmond, which provide numerous benefits to both the environment and local wildlife.  Why plant native plants in Richmond? Here […]

5 Best Grass Types for Charleston, SC

Nestled along the picturesque coast of South Carolina, Charleston is a city known for its vibrant culture, historic architecture, and lush greenery. From sprawling parks to manicured lawns, the Holy City boasts an array of outdoor spaces that showcase the beauty of the Lowcountry. However, maintaining a healthy and vibrant lawn in Charleston can be […]