9 Best Winter Flowers for New York

In most Northern states, we’ve resigned ourselves to a brown, lifeless landscape during those cold-weather months. But what if you could keep splashes of color and life in your yard during the dreariest months? It’s possible with these nine great winter flowers, which will dress up your Empire State yard when you need it most. […]

4 Best Grass Types for New York Lawns

One of the great things about New York is its natural diversity and distinct seasons. But all that diversity has a price: Not all grasses thrive in conditions that swing from hot and humid to cold and icy.  So if a beautiful lawn is a must-have, it pays to know what kinds of grasses do […]

11 Spring Lawn Care Tips for New York

Spring is great in New York. In fact, late spring is the best time to visit the state and certainly one of the best times to live here. But spring is also the time of the year when your yard needs your attention again, and doing it right will give your lawn the foundation it […]

4 Best Grasses for Your Rochester, NY, Lawn

With waterfalls around every other corner and over 12,000 acres of natural parks, Rochester is a city that values its green spaces. Shouldn’t your lawn blend in with its lush surroundings? Having a great lawn starts with choosing a grass that’s suitable for the area’s climate. Here are the 4 best grasses for your Rochester […]