8 Low-Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for Alabama

After taking in the views at Cheaha State Park, returning to a home landscape that provides the same serenity and aesthetic pleasure is a welcoming thought. We’ve compiled eight low-maintenance landscaping ideas for Alabama homeowners to help you do just that. While you may not be able to duplicate the wonders of Cheaha in your […]

10 Best Native Plants for Alabama

Alabama is known for its natural beauty, including breathtaking mountains, pristine beaches, and attractive native plants. But Alabama’s native plants aren’t just pretty; they’re also low-maintenance and great for the ecosystem. Additionally, you can affordably plant most natives from seeds. So, we researched and compiled a list of the best native plants for Alabama. Our […]

6 Best Grass Types for Alabama

When they’re not in front of the TV shouting “Roll Tide”, many Alabamians enjoy spending time outside, including in their own backyards. Whether you’re sipping sweet tea by the pool or playing football, a healthy lawn will improve your outdoor experience. And choosing one of the best grass types for Alabama makes it much easier […]

4 Best Grass Types for Birmingham, AL

Birmingham is nicknamed the “Magic City” because of its magic soil, which contains everything you need to make iron. However, Birmingham homeowners want their soil to do a different magic trick — grow a pristine lawn full of lush green grass. Fortunately, the loamy soil contains all the magic needed to support the best grass […]

8 Best Native Plants for Birmingham

Birmingham is a southern hub for music, art, and history and home to some of Alabama’s most desirable native plants. Many homeowners prefer native vegetation because it’s low-maintenance and beneficial to the ecosystem. In addition, native plants attract more birds and butterflies. But the best native plants for Birmingham are also favored for their beauty […]

8 Low-Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for Birmingham

Living in a warm climate means maintaining plants year-round, which can be exhausting, especially when you’re boiling in the blaring Birmingham sun. So, many homeowners choose low-maintenance landscaping ideas for Birmingham, including native plants, succulents, and grass alternatives. Spending a lot of time working on the yard is a shame when you could be dining […]