Best Grasses for Your Missouri Lawn

In the Midwestern transition zone, your Missouri lawn endures both sweltering summers and freezing winters. This makes a perfect recipe for a dull, grim lawn if your yard doesn’t have the right grass seeds to pull through the temperamental climate.  In this article, we look at warm- and cool-season grass varieties that work well in […]

Best Landscaping Plants for Your Missouri Yard

So, you just installed a new lawn, and you want to finish off your landscaping with some stunning plants. But not all plants are ideal for Missouri’s climate, which ranges from cold and snowy in winter to steamy in the summer. Consider going with landscaping plants that look great and are well-adapted to our climate. […]

16 Native Plants That Will Transform Your Missouri Yard

Gardening can be a drag when you struggle to keep your plants alive and vibrant, but you can enjoy a fantastic garden with one simple trick: Go with native plants that are adapted to our warm summers and cold, snowy winters. Need a guide? Here are 16 native plants that will transform your Missouri yard.   […]

6 Spring Lawn Care Tips For St. Louis

Spring in St. Louis can be gorgeous, especially once that signature Midwest frost begins to thaw. But don’t stand around too long admiring the scenery. There are some things you need to do to get your own yard in shape. If you follow these six tips to boost your lawn care routine in the spring, you’ll […]

Low-Maintenance Landscaping for Missouri

Lawn maintenance is no joke. There’s a lot of time, tools, planning, sweat, and hard work involved in getting a lawn to look great all seasons of the year. Makes you wonder if it’s even possible to achieve an all-year green landscape, right?   It is. Consider incorporating low-maintenance landscaping for your Missouri yard and save […]

10 Native Plants For Your St. Louis Yard

St. Louis is home to some of the most vibrant plant life Mother Nature has to offer. You can create beautiful scenery around your home by embracing this and using native plants to add a unique pop to your St. Louis property.   In this article: Why Should You Add Native Plants to Your Landscape? You […]