4 Best Grass Types For St. Louis

It may be the Gateway to the West, but St. Louis sits firmly in the transition zone that divides the Northern and Southern regions of the United States. This brings with it a variety of weather conditions ranging from humid summers to frigid winters, which makes finding an ideal grass type for your lawn more […]

Kansas City Watering Restrictions

There are no current watering restrictions in Kansas City, which gets an abundant supply of water from the Missouri River. But conservation is still a good idea.

Worst Backyard Pests in Kansas City

If you have pests in your Kansas City backyard — and chances are you do — you can take these steps to zap them or send them scampering off.

Worst Weeds in Kansas City (and How to Get Rid of Them)

You may be singing the Kansas City blues if any of these weeds sprout in your lawn. Here are the worst KC weeds, and what to do about them.

7 Native Plants for Kansas City

Landscaping with native plants will save you work and money. Native plants and flowers for Kansas City typically need less maintenance, use less water, and provide a natural habitat for local wildlife.

A Guide to Summer Lawn Care in Kansas City

It takes a little knowhow, but a gorgeous green lawn is possible throughout Kansas City’s hot summer. We’ll teach you how with this guide to summer lawn care.