9 Hurricane-Resistant Landscaping Ideas for Miami

Historically, Miami has the greatest chance of a hurricane impact. In this colorful city, residents recognize the power and destruction of these great storms and celebrate their strength through local sports teams like the Miami Hurricanes. While fans of “The U” celebrate on-field destruction, your South Florida lawn is another story. Here are some hurricane-resistant […]

4 Best Grass Types in Hollywood, Florida

Sun and water, the two most important ingredients for a healthy lawn, are abundant in Hollywood, Florida, so the best grass types for your lawn are warm-season turfs.  Warm-season grasses thrive in a climate like Hollywood’s, where the low temperature usually stays above 60 degrees and where the city gets almost twice the national average […]

3 Best Grass Types in Boynton Beach, Florida

Boynton Beach is famous for its year-round sunshine, gorgeous beaches, and fertile landscape. This seaside city’s tropical climate and ample rainfall are perfect for cultivating well-manicured lawns. But the rainy season only lasts during the summer months. When winter dryness hits and the snowbirds arrive, the population surge has an effect on the water supply. […]

7 Best Grass Types in Kissimmee, Florida

Florida’s heat presents some challenges for maintaining a great yard, but with the right grass type your Kissimmee, Florida, yard can be as pristine as Lakefront Park.  Here are the seven best grass types for Kissimmee lawns: 1. St. Augustine grass St. Augustine grass, the most popular grass in the Sunshine State, produces a green […]

3 Best Grass Types in West Palm Beach

Lawns in West Palm Beach, Florida, often look picture-book worthy, but that’s largely due to the near-perfect weather and homeowners selecting grass types that thrive in all that warm weather and tolerate both dry and rainy seasons. First, a bit of background on that year-round summer weather and a challenge for lawn care in West […]

6 Best Grass Types for Tampa, FL

Tampa offers beachside views and aquatic wildlife for locals and tourists to enjoy. You can enjoy a stroll along Bayshore Boulevard, the United States’ longest continuous sidewalk, before enjoying Tampa’s unique cuisine. With all the bounteous emerald greenery of Tampa’s tropical vegetation, you want a lawn that is just as lush and green.  Warm-season grasses […]