6 Worst Lawn Weeds in Jacksonville (and How to Get Rid of Them)

Finding any weed in your Jacksonville lawn can be frustrating, but some are easy to control with common lawn sprays. But, there are a few weeds that require a bit more work.

14 Best Native Plants for Jacksonville, FL

The subtropical climate of Jacksonville surely calls for a beautiful tropical garden. But wait — don’t purchase imported landscape plants just yet. North Florida has many gorgeous native plants, some only found in this state. You may even find native alternatives to plants you’re considering, such as hibiscus and azaleas. Why native plants? Not only […]

Watering Restrictions in Jacksonville

Like many other Florida cities, Jacksonville has imposed watering restrictions. Before you turn on the sprinkler or hose, make sure you’re up to date with the rules.

11 Spring Lawn Care Tips for Jacksonville, FL

Regular mowing and watering can mean the difference between a thick, green lawn and one riddled with brown spots and disease. This monthly lawn care guide for Jacksonville will help you get started with the essentials.

Guide to Summer Lawn Care in Tampa, FL

Whether you care for yard grass yourself or hire a lawn service, it would be a mistake to neglect it, that is, unless you really want an invasion of weeds, thatch and insects.

7 Worst Weeds in Tampa (and How to Get Rid of Them)

The same gorgeous weather that attracts so many to Florida also attracts weeds. This year, get ready to strike back. These are some of the worst weeds in Tampa and how to get rid of them.