9 Examples of Beautiful Patio Gardens
10 Lovely Flowering Varieties of Hibiscus for Your Garden

Hibiscus also known as Rosemellow is a large genus of flowering shrubs. These lovely bloomers are known for their beautiful satiny flowers that come in many different colors. If you garden in warm, temperate, subtropical and tropical regions, growing Hibiscus can be rewarding. For your inspiration, I am displaying 10 beautiful varieties of Hibiscus.

Creative DIY Gardening Idea # 25: Repurposed Brick Planter
Lovely Flowering Shrub: Chaenomeles speciosa, the Japanese quince

Chaenomeles speciosa, commonly known as Japanese quince, is a beautiful flowering shrub from the family of Rose. Native to China and Japan, Japanese quince is a popular plant in horticulture. It is often used for forming hedges, screens, and garden borders. Japanese quince grows as a dense and broad flowering shrub that grows 6-10 feet […]

A beginner’s guide to growing a Gardenia Bonsai: 4 Amazing Tips To Grow One

A lot of people love to grow and cultivate gardenia bonsais because of their elegant appeal, amazingly beautiful flowers and remarkable fragrance. The shrub is known for its delicate white flowers and glossy green leaves and because of that it’s used in many modern homes in order to complete their look. The gardenia bonsai can […]

Frugal Gardening Techniques With Pool Liners and Covers

You’ve managed to take down that unused above-ground pool, and you now want to use that reclaimed space for a frugal garden spot. Before you throw all the scraps and pieces into the dumpster, hold back on discarding the pool liner. The pool liner and matching pool cover are made of yards of vinyl fabric, […]