Pros and Cons of Artificial Grass

The pros and cons of artificial grass include conserving water and the costs involved with installing a new lawn. You may decide the benefits outweigh the downsides if you’re tired of mowing and caring for a lawn. In this article, we’ll look at the pros and cons of installing artificial grass and why you should […]

How to Install Artificial Grass

Too much shade is one reason some homeowners turn to artificial turf to achieve a distinctive green lawn. You can save a lot of money if you know how to install artificial grass yourself. In this article, we’ll make it easy to DIY your new lawn by giving you the steps to install artificial grass, […]

Lawn Care & Lawn Mowing Guide for Cincinnati

Your lawn care in Cincinnati should be more than an afterthought. The grass, trees, and flower beds create the frame for your picture-perfect home. That’s why you need this lawn care and mowing guide for Cincinnati. In this article we’ll look at: The 4 most popular grass types in Cincinnati Lawn mowing tips Lawn maintenance […]

What is No-Mow Grass

You’re frustrated with fighting the lawn mower and sweating bullets in the hot sun. Maybe it’s time to plant a no-mow grass. Several no-mow grasses and low-maintenance grass types only need mowing once or twice a year. Some no-mow grasses are also drought-resistant, so you won’t have to water them either. We’ll start by touting […]

How to Identify and Treat 10 Types of Grass Fungus

Is your lawn suffering from dollar spot, snow mold, or brown patch? This guide will help you identify 10 common types of grass fungus quickly, so you can treat and prevent them.  Contents: What is Grass Fungus? 10 Types of FungusDollar SpotGray Leaf SpotGray Snow MoldPink Snow MoldLeaf SpotNecrotic Ring SpotPowdery MildewRed ThreadBrown PatchSummer Patch […]

How to Get Rid of Mushrooms in Your Yard

Unlike delicious mushrooms in your marinara sauce, the fungi growing on your lawn could make your kids and pets sick. They could also trigger an allergic reaction. So how do you get rid of mushrooms in your yard?  You can pull them up, use natural methods, or resort to chemicals. This guide explores ways to […]