6 Best Grass Types for Rochester, Minnesota

In Rochester, we get to enjoy all four seasons to the fullest. So do our plants. Yet some homeowners here struggle with grim, dull, or worn-out lawns. It might be your grass itself. It’s essential to choose a grass type for Rochester that can thrive in our tough climate and tolerate all types of soil […]

6 Best Grass Types for Nashville

Home to the Grand Ole Opry, Country Music Hall of Fame, and Nashville Parthenon, there’s plenty to love about the capital city of the Volunteer State. Whether you live here for music, sports, or just the great lifestyle, you’ll want your turf to be as amazing as the rest of the city. But getting your […]

11 Native Plants That Will Make Your Durham, NC, Yard Pop

You can admire Durham’s captivating native plants in local forests and parks, but why not also grow them in your own yard? Not only will they be a beautiful addition to your property, but they’re good for the environment and easier to care for than non-natives. Read on to find out more about native plants […]

Best Grasses for Your Frisco Yard

Home to the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve and the Rowlett Creek Nature Preserve Trail, Frisco has a lot of natural beauty. Why not bring some of that beauty to your lawn with some of Frisco’s best grasses? In this article: Bermudagrass Photo Credit: Pexels Bermudagrass is popular in Frisco because it tolerates drought quite well, […]

Low-Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for Plano Texas

Doing yard work in Plano’s sweltering heat is no fun. Here’s a solution: Transform your landscape with plants that are both attractive and require little maintenance.  Check out these low-maintenance landscaping ideas for Plano, and you may thank us for saving you time and aggravation. In this article: Native Plants Photo Credit: Public Domain Pictures […]

5 Best Grass Types for Your Durham, North Carolina Lawn

Durham abounds with natural beauty all year round. From showy, lush greenery in the summer to dreamy, snow-covered landscapes in the winter, the city has the best of both worlds.  Similarly, both warm- and cool-season grasses can thrive in Durham’s climate. But before you rush out and choose one, it’s important to know their strengths […]