Low-Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for Plano Texas

Doing yard work in Plano’s sweltering heat is no fun. Here’s a solution: Transform your landscape with plants that are both attractive and require little maintenance.  Check out these low-maintenance landscaping ideas for Plano, and you may thank us for saving you time and aggravation. In this article: Native Plants Photo Credit: Public Domain Pictures […]

Best Native Plants for Plano, Texas

Are you working on some landscape design but don’t know where to start? Get some native plants. They evolved in your area, making them well-equipped to handle the local climate. What are the advantages of using native plants in North Texas? There are several: When choosing new plants, remember that Plano, and the rest of […]

4 Best Grass Types for Plano, Texas

You don’t want your Plano lawn to be plain-o. OK, bad puns aside, if you’ have a home built or want a new, ‘re trying to establish a beautiful, green lawn to replace your old, withered one, try out these grass types that are ideal for Plano. In this article: Bermudagrass BermudagrassPhoto Credit: Matt Lavin / Flickr […]