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Top Lawn Care Companies in Sugar Land

Now you might wonder: where to find a Sugar Land lawn care service near me? Since finding a top-rated lawn mowing service can be challenging, we offer a list below that ranks the best Sugar Land lawn care services based on our review of online customer satisfaction. Although these services are located in Houston, they usually can service your area. is in no way affiliated with these, nor have we used them.

1) Construction 1st Class, INC - April Malloy

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If you need construction done right, don’t beat around the bush. Call April Malloy at Construction 1st Class, INC in Sugarland. Her crew has the depth of experience and professionalism to handle any job you might need. From great prices to high-quality work and blazing fast turnaround time, Construction 1st Class has proven to be a top-tier company for residents of Sugarland and the surrounding area.

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2) Precision Landscaping - Marcus Mireles

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Measure twice, cut once. That’s one of Marcus Mireles’s favorite sayings at Precision Landscaping. Which is probably his number is one of the first people call when they want a landscaping project done right in Sugarland. From luxury mailboxes to flower beds, patios, and more, Precision Landscaping has built a reputation for being one of the highest quality landscaping businesses in the Sugarland area.

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3) National Landscaping Experts - David Taylor

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Landscaping can be a serious thing for some people. If you want only the best landscaping services money can buy in Sugarland, look no further than David Taylor and his team at National Landscaping Experts. They know the ins and outs of landscaping and have truly seen it all in their years. They can go over a plan with you that fits your budget and perfectly matches your style.

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4) DNC Lawn Couture - Douglas Hippe

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Do you want to have a lawn you can be proud of, but don’t have the time to make it happen? Just call Douglas Hippe at DNC Lawn Couture! Douglas and his squad of professionals can be your lawn looking right in no time. They offer a wide array of lawn care services and have been faithfully serving the homeowners of Sugarland for over 10 years.

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5) 1990 - Ryan Boyd

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1990 is an independent lawn care company in Sugarland that offers a variety of services related to landscaping, lawn care, and more. Ryan Boyd and his close-knit crew of guys at 1990 have been groomed for this kind of work, and it shows in their results. They have slowly but surely built a dedicated base of customers who enjoy their friendly demeanor and great prices, as well as their extra high-quality service.

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6) Ivan Landscaping - Rodolfo Santana

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Ivan Landscaping offers high-quality landscaping services to clients all around the Sugarland area. Rodolfo’s team is very experienced with all types of landscaping, and they will work with you in the planning and execution of whatever project you may choose. Contact Rodolfo Santana today for a quote!

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7) Trees & Turf - Michael Hammons

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If you need someone to trim your trees and manage your turf, look no further than Trees & Turf in Sugarland. Michael Hammons and crew have left many customers astonished at their speed, efficiency, and high quality of service. Whether you need trimming, basic maintenance or more, Trees & Turf should be first on your list!

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8) Incurable Lawn Services - Kendrick Grant

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Are you dealing with another nasty crabgrass infection? Don’t waste valuable time and money trying to stamp it out yourself, get in touch with Kendrick at Incurable Lawn Services. His expertise in all things lawn related will shine through as his crew easily rids you of your problem, and teaches you how to prevent further infestations. Basic lawn care is also a specialty of Incurable Lawn Service’s.

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9) Grounds-One Professional Landscape Contractors - Paul Somer

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P.O. BOX 17178, SUGAR LAND, TX 77496

Paul Somer at Ground-One Professional Landscape Contractors knows his way around a landscaping project, that’s for sure. His crew has completed every kind of project imaginable, from birdbaths to greenhouses, flower beds, patios, and more. If you need an affordable contractor who won’t cut corners, Paul Somer is the guy to call!

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10) Lawn John Lawn and Landscape - William Van Rickley

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P.O. BOX 18032, SUGAR LAND, TX 77496

Nobody knows landscaping and lawn care like William Van Rickley at Lawn John and Landscape. William’s team of dedicated professionals is quick, thorough, and friendly. They can help you with anything from basic lawn care to a full-on large scale landscaping project such as installing a new walkway or patio. With great prices and even better service, Lawn John is a name people trust in Sugarland.

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11) All Seasonscape, LLC - Jose Costa

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Jose Costa and his guys at All Seasonscape, LLC are total pros. They have you covered when it comes to anything from sprinkler installation, lawn maintenance, landscaping, and more. His crew has been serving Sugarland for years now and it’s hard to go a block without a lawn that has been transformed by All Seasonscape, LLC.

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The #1 Sugar Land, TX Lawn Care and Lawn Mowing Guide

Sugar Land lawn care is an increasingly needed chore. Since 2010, the city experienced a population rise of over 71%, and over 117,000 residents are currently estimated. New people means new homes, so our Sugar Land lawn care and lawn mowing guide will equip any Sugar Land resident with the skills to maintain a green lawn.

Tips For Lawn Mowing in Sugar Land

Lawn mowing is the most basic lawn maintenance task, but following the proper steps is crucial. Below are the basics you need to get right first.

  1. Mow Consistently: Your lawn should be mowed until grass growth either slows or stops. A benchmark to reach is mowing two to four times a month.
  2. The One-Third Rule: Only a third of your grass should be mowed at a time. If it’s any shorter, your lawn might turn brown from over-mowing.
  3. Don’t Toss Your Grass Clippings: Keep them on your lawn. It may look unkempt and messy, but the clippings will soon become high-quality fertilizer. If you hire a lawn service professional usually, don’t forget to remind the pro to do this.
  4. Change Up Mowing Patterns: Mow across from different directions because it evens out the way your lawn looks. Conversely, if you mow in the same direction, your lawn will look weird due to the grass blades appearing slanted in one direction.
  5. Watch Out For Mowing Hills: They’re tricky because debris can fly and hit your face. Avoid this by mowing side to side rather than up and down.

Lawn Maintenance Tips for Sugar Land

Fertilization in Sugar Land

First test your soil. You can do this by buying a soil test, which are easily found (i.e. Home Depot). The test will show you which nutrients your soil needs and will guide you to the appropriate fertilizer. When applying fertilizer, don’t overdo it. Apply only a pound per 1000 square feet each time.

Core Aeration in Sugar Land

Core aeration is when you add holes to the ground. The purpose of this is to break apart compacted soil on your lawn and improve soil drainage. Sugar Land lawns need this because it improves resistance against lawn diseases.

There are basic tools you can use for this. If your lawn is small, try a hand aerator: a device that looks similar to a rake. It’s simple to use—just drag it across your yard. There are even aerator shoes for those who want more exercise. You can wear these and stomp around for similar results. If your lawn is large, however, then use a spike aerator.

Don’t aerate more than twice a year—otherwise, you will damage your lawn.

Watering Tips for Sugar Land

Watering is an important task with Sugar Land’s hot climate. Remember to do so early when the sun is rising or later when it’s setting. If it rained recently, a rain gauge is a useful tool. You’ll be able to sort out if you should turn off your sprinklers or waterless.

Hiring a Sugar Land Lawn Care Company

In Sugar Land, annual average participation is only 49 inches, so it’s hard to remember to water routinely when rainfall is infrequent. That’s why more and more people instead choose the next best option: a lawn care professional.

Sugar Land lawn care services are more than just plain grass cutting. They offer important lawn treatment services that range from pest control and weed removal to aeration and overseeding. It’s also wise in general to have an expert evaluate how much lawn maintenance your property truly needs. Additionally, there are some good tips to bear in mind when choosing a lawn care service in Sugar Land.

The first one is to hire an actual lawn service professional, not a neighbor or any person who can only offer a mower and a truck. Although hiring amateurs may seem cost-effective, their lack of expertise will result in a neglected lawn in the long-run, such as failing to identify diseases and pests early. The second tip is to hire a fully-insured lawn service professional. This will free you from any anxiety on the rare occasion that a pro damages your property.

Finally, you should consider organizing your neighbors together and ask for a bulk discount from a lawn care company. If several jobs can be completed with just one visit to a neighborhood, landscapers are more likely to offer discounts because they profit more from the time saved on their schedules. Furthermore, landscapers are held to greater accountability for quality work since you and your neighbors will be able to compare lawns afterward.


Overall Rating: 5.00 / 5 stars (24 reviews)
  • Lawn Mowing by Stacey Murchison
    Remove Junk Now, LLC

    I love the job they do my grass has never been greener and they let me know if they can't make it or when they are scheduled to do my lawn when they did my lawn today it looks like diamond pattern in the back i love it i don't know what they use i would recommend stacey to everyone

    SUGAR LAND, TEXAS | FEB 19, 2020

  • Lawn Mowing by Roderick Green
    RLG lawn services

    Great job! And very attentive to detail.

    SUGAR LAND, TEXAS | FEB 13, 2020

  • Lawn Mowing by Heath Jensen
    Jensen lawn care

    Yard looks great!

    SUGAR LAND, TEXAS | FEB 12, 2020

  • Lawn Mowing by Ethan Mullani
    Tx irrigation Concepts

    Timely service, and did a great job.

    SUGAR LAND, TEXAS | FEB 10, 2020

  • Lawn Mowing by Lizeth Castillo

    This is still the best service hands down

    SUGAR LAND, TEXAS | FEB 06, 2020

  • Lawn Mowing by Tony WALL
    Wall's Lawns & More

    Thank you Tony! My lawn looks amazing! I am over the moon excited about the work done today!

    SUGAR LAND, TEXAS | FEB 03, 2020

  • Lawn Mowing by Matt Knox
    Matthew’s Grading And Landscape

    Looks great!

    SUGAR LAND, TEXAS | JAN 24, 2020

  • Lawn Mowing by Nate Collins
    Collins Lawn Care

    I think Nate did a great job! The whole yard looks great!

    SUGAR LAND, TEXAS | JAN 13, 2020

  • Lawn Mowing by Elvis Sanchez
    Family Greenscape a

    Thanks for the professionalism. Thanks for doubling back.

    SUGAR LAND, TEXAS | JAN 10, 2020

  • Lawn Mowing by Donald Bills
    Tree cutters

    Not that it was subpar just the lawn looks identical to the way it looked before because it wasnt needed.

    SUGAR LAND, TEXAS | JAN 08, 2020

  • Lawn Mowing by Chadric Henderson
    Henderson lawn solutions

    Looks good. Can I get a picture of my finished yard?

    SUGAR LAND, TEXAS | JAN 03, 2020

  • Lawn Mowing by Jack Mccampbell
    Lowcountry yard maintaince

    Thank you for helping with my yard. Appreciate the dedicated hard work you put in while I recover from surgery.

    SUGAR LAND, TEXAS | DEC 26, 2019