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You may be wondering: where to find a Round Rock lawn care service near me? Since finding a top-rated lawn mowing service can be challenging, we offer a list below that ranks the best Round Rock lawn care services based on our analysis of online customer satisfaction. is in no way affiliated with these, nor have we used them.

1) RTA Lawn Care - Merion Wilson

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There are 1000’s of lawn care specialists in Texas, but RTA Lawn Care still stands out from the crowd. From spring to fall, RTA offers a wide range of lawn care services designed to fit your budget and your needs. They have you covered whether you want a simple, tight cut lawn, or an extravagant xeriscape. And hey, even if you have no idea what you want, Merion can help you design your landscape, and more importantly, bring that design to life.

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2) Texas High Maintenance - Eleazar Gamboa

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Texas High Maintenance is a favorite among their Round Rock Clients. Whether you want them to design and install your lawns and gardens, or just maintain and improve our current landscape, they offer complete packages for you. There are a lot of lawn care services in Austin, but Eleazar keeps his edge and is always one step ahead of the competition.

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3) A&P Landscaping - Andrew Gleaton

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Round Rock has 1000’s of outstanding lawns and gardens. If you have spent long enough in Round Rock, you have definitely seen some of the outstanding work performed by the crew at A&P Landscaping. A&P Landscaping is determined to create and maintain some of the most lovely landscapes in the central Texas region. If you want a lawn that stands out from the rest, Andrew should be at the top of your list.

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4) Langston Landscape Services - Shane Langston

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Langstong Landscape Services is a year-round service provider of top-tier lawn care services. From the first fertilization and mowing of the lawn in spring to leaf removal and winter lawn preparation, Langston Services has you covered. No doubt about it, Shane has become a trusted landscaper in the Round Rock area, and he continues to grow and improve his services.

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5) Think Green - Abdel Abdallah

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The name says it all, Think Green is an eco-friendly lawn care service in Round Rock Texas. If you are the type of person that is searching for chemical free options, Abdell has you covered. Think Green lawn care is not only eco-friendly, but their results are also always outstanding. Whether you want to manicure your rose garden, or safely fertilize your lawn drop Think Green a line.

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6) Austin Lawn and Landscaping - Andrew Duran

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Based out of Round Rock, Austin Lawn and Landscaping services Austin and its northern suburbs. The lawns of Austin are unique, and it takes a lawn care professional that is familiar with the area to help you get the most of your lawn. Andrew is very knowledgeable with the Austin climate and the special treatments the lawns of Round Rock need to thrive. Andrew’s business is always growing, so give him a call for immediate service.

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7) Clarkscapes Landscaping - John Clark

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PO BOX 6321, ROUND ROCK, TX78683

If you need professional irrigation installation, or you want a new garden installed, there is hardly a better option than Clarkscapes Landscaping. John Clark, the owner of Clarkscapes prides himself on professional service that is sure to satisfy. Whether you want a drip system for your garden, or a sprinkler system for your lawn, John is sure to have the options to fit your budget.

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8) R&S Landscape Inc - Richard Fontenot

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P.O. BOX 2347, ROUND ROCK, TX78680

Since 1998, R&S Landscape INC has been serving the Austin suburb of Round Rock. Whether you are looking for fall leaf removal or some outdoor spring cleaning, Richard and his professional crew can get your job handled. There is no lawn care job too big or small for R&S Landscape. Best of all they treat each lawn with the unique touch it deserves.

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9) Strike Force (Omar Espinoza) - Omar Espinoza

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16450 RANCH RD 620 N, ROUND ROCK, TX 78681

Strike Force is a premier lawn care service in Round Rock, Texas. From full-service lawn maintenance to a one time mow, Strike Force provides the best service in town. If you want professional lawn care service, delivered on time, every time contact Omar today. They have service packages for almost any budget.

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10) 360 Delivery Solutions - Mike Lipsey

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360 Delivery Solutions is a Round Rock-based delivery company which can serve all of your delivery needs. If you are a DIY type of person that wants tools, materials or plants delivered for your lawn care and home maintenance projects, 360 Delivery is your best bet. Give them a call today to get the material and tools you need to set your projects in motion.

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11) KG Lawn Care LLC - Umesh Gunasekara

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KG Lawn Care of Round Rock Texas is ready to tackle any and all of your lawn care needs. Whether you want to sod your entire lawn, fertilize, or schedule regular lawn maintenance, Umesh’s crew is ready to serve you. Based in Round Rock since they started, they know just what it takes to maintain your Texas turf and lawn. Get the lawn you have always wanted with KG.

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12) Great Scapes Landscaping - Jonathan Quick

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Based in Round Rock, Texas Great Scapes Landscaping is equipped to offer you top of the line, professional lawn care service. Jonathan has a team of lawn care professionals standing by. Not only is he reliable he is Quick! Great Scapes is in high demand, so be sure to schedule your service in advance.

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13) River Rock Lawn and Landscaping, LLC - Brant Dickerson

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Whether you have want that classic American tight cut green lawn, or a south-western stonescape, River Rock Lawn and Landscaping is sure to deliver. From spring to fall, the one to call is River Rock. They are sure to satisfy all of your lawn care and landscaping needs. If you live in Round Rock, give Brant a ring.

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14) BV Property Maintenance - Binky Moultry

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Your home is a major investment, one of the biggest you will ever make. That is why it is crucial that you maintain your properly. From your lawn to your gutters BV Property Maintenance is standing by to help you make the most out of your investment. Reach out to them today for affordable prices and A1 customer service.

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Round Rock, TX Lawn Care Guide

Round Rock Texas is a charming and quaint suburb about 15 minutes north of Austin. The city has received exponential growth, yet maintains its status as one of the safest cities, with populations over 100,000, in the United States. The neighborhoods are filled with stout trees and iridescent ponds. Families flock here due to its curb appeal, safety, economic growth and comparably low property taxes and utility rates.

If you are a Round Rockian or are thinking of becoming one, curb appeal will gain you notoriety in this city. Here are a few tips—beyond just grass cutting—that will maintain your lawn in thick, green shape, so you’ll have a lovely home in the Round Rock area.

Best Grass Types in Round Rock

St. Augustine

St. Augustine grass is a warm-season grass that is known for its shade tolerance. Many homes in Round Rock have cascading trees that offer a lot of shade to the lawn making this grass a top contender for people who live here. St.Augustine has heat and mild drought resistance that allows it to survive in the Texas heat. It can handle light traffic and is hearty enough to compete against weeds. This grass can be susceptible to pests if not cared for properly.


Bermuda grass offers a thick cushion that handles high traffic. It requires little water and grows at a slow pace, meaning less lawn mowing. For homeowners that have less time to spend on their lawn, this grass does very well in Round Rock. This grass requires full sun exposure and will not flourish in a lawn with multiple trees. It is also heat and drought resistant.

Buffalo Grass

Buffalo Grass does great in Round Rock as it is a Texas native turf grass. Buffalo grass will maintain its liveliness and vigor towards weeds through times of droughts and extreme temperatures. The grass does not require a lot of water and does not need to be mowed as often as other warm-season grasses.


Zoysia grass is great for families with kids or animals. This grass will withstand high traffic and has a moderate drought tolerance. It does best in slightly shaded lawns. Zoysia will go dormant in the winter season but usually is the first to sprout back in the spring.

Native Plants in Round Rock

Plants, in general, are a great addition to an aesthetically pleasing lawn. Using plants that are native to Round Rock will promote an overall healthier lawn and often the plants will survive without much upkeep. There are many to choose from, but here are some of our favorites.

Copper Canyon Daisies

Copper Canyon Daisies have pretty bright yellow blooms in spring and fall that smell of tangerines. It has a fast growth rate and small watering requirements. The daisies will grow as far as you let them, but they can easily be pruned into your liking.


This is a spring/summertime bloomer that likes full sun exposure. It will go away in the winter but will continuously bloom from spring to fall. These attract a lot of different pollinators to the yard and cast a vibrant yellow giving the lawn a pop of color.

Creeping Lantana

Lantana is a hearty cascading plant that will bloom for the whole year. It is violet in color and has moderate growth patterns. Prune the lantana in late winter to contain the flowers to the proper area. Lantana does well in full sun or moderate amounts of shade.

Sage Autumn

Sage autumn comes in various colors ranging from purple to white. They grow as little shrubs and often will attract hummingbirds. These little flowers are also edible if you should fancy.

Lawn Mowing Tips for Round Rock

Leave Excess Clippings

The best and simplest thing to do for a lawn is to leave excess clippings. They act as a natural fertilizer and have a quick decomposition rate. A common misconception is that excess clippings will lead to thatch and can contain fungus or disease in grasses. As long as a lawn is properly kept up with regular rakings, this will not be the case. Bagging excess clippings adds unnecessary waste to our landfills.

Avoid Mowing too Short

Especially in the summertime, lawn mowing your yard below the recommended length can expose delicate root systems to the sun. Experts recommend cutting only a third of the grass blade at any time.

Fertilizing Tips for Round Rock

Generally, if you can avoid any chemical use when caring for a lawn, the better the lawn and the environment will be.

Get Your Soil Tested

A soil test will tell you exactly what your lawn is lacking so that you can provide it with the correct supplements. These tests are user-friendly and inexpensive. They can be found on Amazon, Home Depot or Walmart.

General Fertilizer Recommendation

The general recommendation for fertilizer in Texas is a 4:1:2 ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium respectively. Usually, Texas lawns only require fertilization once in the spring. Depending on your particular lawn, it may need to be fertilized once more in the fall. When fertilizing your lawn, make sure to avoid areas that have no grass because it will have a greater chance to run off into the drain system.

Round Rock Texas is a charming and quaint suburb about 15 minutes north of Austin. The city has received exponential growth, yet maintains its status as one of the safest cities, with populations over 100,000, in the United States. The neighborhoods are filled with stout trees and iridescent ponds. Families flock here due to its curb appeal, safety, economic growth, and comparably low property taxes and utility rates.

If you are a Round Rockian or are thinking of becoming one, curb appeal will gain you notoriety in this city. Here are a few tips on maintaining that thick green lawn that has become a staple for any house in the Round Rock area.

Hiring a Round Rock Lawn Care Company

Round Rock temperatures are hot, especially between May to October. That’s why your watering and mowing routine needs to be regimented: check the weather in advance and either wake up early in the morning, before the sun gets too hot, or go outside in the evening to care for your lawn. But this might be too much of a hassle for you, which is why many Round Rock residents choose the best alternative: hiring a lawn service professional.

Professional lawn care services offer many benefits that are worth beyond just having a person grass cutting for you. Lawn treatment services, such as pest control, weed removal, soil testing, and fertilization, are usually offered, and it’s wise in general to have an expert evaluate how much lawn maintenance your property needs.

Round Rock Facts

327 lawn care pros

98,720 lawns

37% of residents hire a pro

4.52 average rating of our pros


Overall Rating: 4.83 / 5 stars (109 reviews)
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