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Top Lawn Care Companies in Plano

Now you might wonder: where to find an Plano lawn care service near me? Since finding a top-rated lawn mowing service can be challenging, we offer a list below that ranks the best Plano lawn care services based on our review of online customer satisfaction. is in no way affiliated with these, nor have we used them.

1) Soto Lawn Mowing - George Soto

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Soto Lawn Mowing strives to be the best landscaping service in Plano. George's crew has 18 years of experience and provides standard lawn work and lawn aeration in the Plano area.

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2) Veterans Integrity Services - James Cox

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Veterans Integrity Services is Plano's best choice for lawn mowing and irrigation maintenance. With 11 years of experience, James and his crew are reliable and results focused.

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3) DFW 4 Seasons Landscape Group - Don Chiles

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Don started lawn care lawns 16 years ago. Today DFW 4 Seasons Landscape Group serves hundreds of customers in PLANO, and provides top grade lawn care and inexpensive pest treatment.

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4) Eddys Lawncare - Eddy Khatib

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Eddys Lawncare is a lawn business offering top quality lawn maintenance, irrigation maintenance and other services in Plano. They are diligent and friendly. Additionally the organization does pest treatment.

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5) SSLMI - Chris Lanzillo

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Chris and his team deliver top quality lawn maintenance, landscape installation, and even junk removal in Plano. You can expect trustworthy service, thanks to their 6 years of experience.

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6) Love Your Lawn - Monty Allen

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521 J PLACE #625, PLANO, TX 75074

Do you need to hire a lawn maintenance service? Monty and his technicians are some of the lawn and landscape industry's foremost authorities. They commonly offer professional irrigation repair, lawn care, planting bed maintenance and even large scale junk removal.

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7) Pro Cut Lawn Care - Raymond Dolder

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5007 MAHANEY RD, PLANO, TX 75094

Need a premium lawn maintenance service? Pro Cut Lawn Care is a lawn maintenance service that does lawn mowing, tree care, and top dressing throughout the Plano area.

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8) N.E.T. Landscape & Maintenance Co. - Steven Smith

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1303 CAPITAL AVE. #B, PLANO, TX 75074

N.E.T. Landscape & Maintenance Co. specializes in grass cutting, but also is proficient in leaf blowing and gutter cleaning. We are also one of the few lawn and landscape services in Plano that is proficient in concrete washing. You can rely on Steven's 18 years of expertise!

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9) Aeroscape Landscaping, LLC. - Tommy Burnette

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PO BOX 260279, PLANO, TX 75026

Aeroscape Landscaping LLC. has been offering service in Plano for 17 years. We're the dependable landscape installation company that truly cares about providing affordably priced service. Whether you need landscape maintenance, sprinkler repair or top dressing, our professionals can handle it!

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10) Lawn Care Plano - Beau Herrera

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500 INMAN ST, PLANO, TX 75057

Need a diligent lawn service provider? Lawn Care Plano is a lawn service provider that often does lawn care, fire ant treatment, and tree trimming. They can also provide quotes for stump removal upon request.

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The #1 Plano, TX Lawn Care & Lawn Mowing Guide

New residents are moving into Plano rapidly and buying up new property. According to, median-priced properties on the market last an average of only 45 days in the past three years. Our Plano lawn care and lawn mowing guide is perhaps helpful for this reason. If you live in the area and you need to keep your yard green, follow these Plano lawn care tips.

Plano Lawn Mowing Tips


No matter your grass-type, you should never cut more than one-third of your grass height during each mow. Cutting beyond that height may weaken your grass and cause disease and pest infestation.

Switch up your mowing—don’t do it in the same direction. When you frequently mow in the same direction, your grass blades begin to grow in one direction. This will make your lawn look strange.

Leave the clippings after you mow. They will decompose and become a high-quality fertilizer for your lawn. This may seem pretty messy, but the health benefits for your lawn are huge. If you hired a lawn service professional, make sure to remind this person.

During the winter, your grass will grow more slowly. Mow less during this period because your grass will enter dormancy.


Overseeding is when you spread seeds all over your grass because it restores your lawn and fixes patchy areas. Grass wilts and dies over a period of time, so this is a useful method of preserving your lawn and introducing new life, especially if it there’s frequent foot traffic.

Before you overseed, first rake your lawn and remove any dead grass. This will loosen up the soil, which the seeds need direct contact in order to grow. Remember to scatter the seeds evenly across the lawn. The best growing periods are usually during the spring and fall.

Core Aeration

Aeration is when you create holes, breaking apart compacted soil and improving soil drainage for your lawn. Plano lawns need aeration because the hot temperatures in the area dry out the soil and limit drainage. In addition, aeration raises the health of your soil and increases resistance against pests and diseases.

You should aerate twice a year: do it once during spring and again during fall. It’s better if you aerate early in the morning, when the soil is moist and temperatures are cool, so it’ll be easier to use your aerator.

Common Grass Types in Plano

The most common grass type in Plano is a warm-season grass. But warm-season grasses come in varieties—many with distinct traits. And since residents invest in a variety of these grasses, it’s important to know their backgrounds. If you’re in Plano, these are likely one of your grass types:

Bermuda Grass

The most popular turf for golf courses, Bermuda is generally bought in areas with hot climates because of its exceptional heat tolerance. Also this grass requires little lawn maintenance. It only needs reseeding once a year and easily lies dormant in the winter. This grass is a good call if you’re primarily concerned with durability.

Recommended mowing height: 1 to 1½ inches

St. Augustine Grass

If your lawn is under a lot of shade, St. Augustine is one of the best because it thrives in shady areas. Choose this if your lawn receives relatively low sunlight. Although St. Augustine needs more cold and frost in order to grow dormantly, it’s not an overall major burden to maintain during the winter here. However, a drawback is this lawn tends to turn brown when it’s cold and barely recovers after overseeding.

Recommended mowing height: 2½ inches.

Zoysia Grass

Among the pricier grass options, Zoysia is hyped for its visceral shade of green and survives well under frequent foot traffic. Though the main challenge is this grass takes a long time to grow, around 1-3 months. Also this grass takes a long time to recover if it is damaged. Zoysia should be planted in areas with decent sun exposure since it doesn’t survive cold weather well.

Recommended mowing height: 1½ to 2 inches

Hiring A Lawn Care Company in Plano, TX

When it’s not scorching in Plano, going outside is a nice idea. Arbor Hills Nature Preserve and Haggard Park are immediate options. And when the weather does get hot, many choose to stay indoors. But the idea of lawn care in this weather is loathed by many Plano residents. That’s why many of them go to the next best option: hiring a lawn service professional.

Beyond grass cutting, professional lawn care services offer crucial lawn treatment services that range from pest control to aeration and fertilization. It’s also wise in general to have an expert assess how much lawn maintenance your property needs. Additionally, there are two tips to bear in mind when choosing a lawn care service in Plano.

The first one is to hire an actual lawn service professional, not your neighbor’s teenage son or someone who can only offer a mower and a truck. Although hiring amateurs may seem frugal, their lack of expertise will result in a neglected and unprepared lawn in the long-term, such as failing to identify diseases and pests early. The second tip is to hire a fully-insured lawn service professional. This will save you any anxiety in case a pro damages your property.


Overall Rating: 4.89 / 5 stars (62 reviews)
  • Lawn Mowing by Edward Smith
    MowZ By BroZ

    Edward and his crew are fast and always do an awesome Job. Thanks so much!!!

    PLANO, TEXAS | MAR 27, 2020

  • Lawn Mowing by Chris Towery
    Towery's Lawn Care

    They came out and did an excellent job.

    PLANO, TEXAS | MAR 27, 2020

  • Lawn Mowing by Courtney Holmes
    Holmes Professional Lawn Service

    Great job

    PLANO, TEXAS | MAR 27, 2020

  • Lawn Mowing by Dustin Jones
    Home Grown Mowing

    The yard looks great,

    PLANO, TEXAS | MAR 27, 2020

  • Lawn Mowing by Dustin Jones
    Home Grown Mowing

    My yard looks amazing, Dustin couldn’t have done a better job! It looks clean and back to life! Great work!

    PLANO, TEXAS | MAR 27, 2020

  • Lawn Mowing by Gabriel Gray
    Gray's Lawn Service

    Work was clean and efficient! Really great job!

    PLANO, TEXAS | MAR 26, 2020

  • Lawn Mowing by Tim Sanders
    Professional landscapers

    Thanks for coming out!

    PLANO, TEXAS | MAR 26, 2020

  • Lawn Mowing by Jody McCluksey
    McCluskey Lawn and Landcare LLC.

    Great job!

    PLANO, TEXAS | MAR 26, 2020

  • Lawn Mowing by Matthew Vella
    Let Us Do It For You

    Fast and thorough! Looks amazing!!

    PLANO, TEXAS | MAR 25, 2020

  • Lawn Mowing by Samuel Melvin
    YFC Lawn Care and Maintenance

    Thanks for handling all of those weeds!! Looks so much better!

    PLANO, TEXAS | MAR 25, 2020

  • Lawn Mowing by Bruce Montgomery
    Mowin' & Goin'

    When I arrived home today and checked out my lawn it looked so lush and green. I just wanted to have a picnic on the spot. I can't say enough about the quality and care that Bruce puts into all of his work. I would highly recommend Bruce to anyone who is looking for lawn care.

    PLANO, TEXAS | MAR 25, 2020

  • Lawn Mowing by John Potter
    Superior Landscape & Maintenance, Inc.

    The lawn looks good. Thank you

    PLANO, TEXAS | MAR 24, 2020