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Now you might wonder: where to find a Katy lawn care service near me? Since finding a top-rated lawn mowing service can be challenging, we offer a list below that ranks the best Katy lawn care services based on our review of online customer satisfaction. is in no way affiliated with these, nor have we used them.

1) 2K Lawn Service - Anthony Henry

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Is your lawn looking like it needs a new identity? Anthony Henry from 2K Lawn Service can help you out with that. All over Katy, Anthony’s guys at 2K have been fixing up lawns left and right, leaving satisfied customers in their wake. From high-quality service to affordable pricing and a warm demeanor, the squad at 2K is next-level when it comes to Katy, TX lawncare!

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2) Yard Kare Services - Broderick Porter

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There’s yard work, and then there’s Yard Kare. Broderick Porter from Yard Kare Services knows that the difference can mean everything to his customers. That’s why he makes sure his crew is full of top-notch lawn care experts who know exactly what to look for and exactly how to handle every situation they might encounter.

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3) K&S Waste Services - Kareem Marshall

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21134 BEAR RUN LANE, KATY, TX 77449

For over a decade, Kareem Marshall at K&S Waste Services has been serving his clients faithfully. From his fair pricing to his outstanding wealth of knowledge and unmatched professionalism, the team at K&S will do everything under the sun to make sure you’re satisfied with their work every single time.

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4) Sully Lawn Care - Austin Sullivan

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Is your lawn looking sad lately? Don’t sulk, call Sully! Austin Sullivan’s group of professionals at Sully Lawn Care can get your lawn looking like its best self in no time. Whether you need pests or weeds eliminated, or you just want a perfect mowing every time, Sully has you covered.

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5) Katy Total Care - Greg Martin

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Specialists are great when the situation calls for it, but what about when you need a little bit of everything? That’s when it’s time to call Katy total Care. They cover everything from handyman work to lawn care, and more. Greg’s team of experts has seen it all and you’ll no doubt be impressed by their expertise and professionalism.

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6) CG Lawncare - Kevin Chadwick

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Caring for your own lawn can be a fun hobby, but sometimes it requires a little bit more help. Don’t stress yourself out trying to handle everything on your own, let Kevin and his guys from CG Lawncare take the weight off your shoulders. They can handle anything you need and have some of the best pricing around Katy!

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7) Bob - Bob Willhouse

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Quality over quantity is a saying Bob Willhouse loves to use. Bob has been providing a dedicated client-base with amazing lawncare for many years now, and that’s not going to change any time soon. Bob is especially loved around Katy because his customers know he values their satisfaction over his own profits.

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8) TAMC - Troy McDaniel

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TAMC has flown under the radar a bit in Katy when it comes to lawncare services and more. They are incredibly well-priced and deliver nothing but perfection to their customers every time. Take a chance on TAMC and see why they are quickly becoming a local superstar in lawncare and more.

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9) Cardinal Landscape Management - Jason Robinson

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Landscaping is a lot different than regular lawn care. If you’re looking to build a new project, don’t go with your average lawn care service, go with Cardinal Landscape Management. Their team of professionals run by Jason Robinson knows exactly how to work with you to create a work of art that will last for decades to come.

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10) Houston Lawn Pro - Fabian Melendez

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Caring for your own lawn can be extremely challenging, especially under the blazing Texas sun. Don’t give yourself a heatstroke trying to achieve the perfect lawn, let the pros do it! Fabian Melendez at Houston Lawn Pro is known all throughout the Katy, TX area as being a top-notch choice for lawn care services.

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11) The A Team - Sebastian Seolumba

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When you need the best money can buy, do you call in the B Team? No! You call in the A Team! Sebastian Seolumba and his squad have years of experience helping homeowners. When it comes to professionalism, depth of knowledge, and competitive pricing, The A Team can’t be beaten.

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12) J Morales Lawn Services - Jeyli Morales

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If you ask around Katy for who the best lawn care service is, chances are you’ll hear J Morales Lawn Services pop up a bunch. They offer the full gambit of lawn care services and have dealt with everything you can think of when it comes to maintaining lawns. Give Jeyli a call today for a quote!

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13) Medina Lawn Care TX - Jesus Medina

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Jesus runs an outstanding company over at Medina Lawn Care TX. From dealing with Texas-specific pests and weeds to knowing the blade length and water requirements of every type of grass, Jesus and his team are well equipped to handle your needs, whatever they may be. If you’re looking for a good deal on some quality lawn care, Medina is the place to go!

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#1 Katy, TX Lawn Care & Lawn Mowing Guide

Katy, TX lawn care is taken seriously. With over 73.7% of residents as homeowners, Katy neighborhoods tend to display impressive lawns. A drive-by Woodcreek Reserve and Village Green West reflects this. That’s why we made a Katy lawn care & lawn mowing guide. If you’re a resident, follow this guide for a better grasp of not only grass cutting but lawn maintenance in general.

The Most Popular Grass Types in Katy, TX

Knowing your grass type is essential background. Basic details, such as individual mowing heights or their strength against hot temperatures, are crucial to understanding your lawn care needs. Here are the most common grass types in Katy.


Commonly seen as a companion of expensive real estate, Zoysia is a high-end grass known for its vibrant, green color and strength against frequent foot traffic. The grass takes a long time to establish, around 1 to 3 months. Zoysia needs a good amount of sunlight to thrive, so avoid planting it in shady areas.

The recommended mowing height is 1½ to 2 inches


This is among the top turfgrasses for heat tolerance. In the Katy hot weather, it’s quite popular. also strongly disease-resistant. If your yard receives abundant sun exposure, Buffalo is a reliable choice to plant. Though not as aesthetically pleasing as other turfgrasses, Buffalo needs little lawn maintenance because it usually grows to just 5 or 6 inches and requires infrequent grass cutting.

The recommended mowing height is 2½ to 4 inches.

Bermuda Grass

This grass is commonly seen on golf courses. In areas with hot weather, this grass is very sought-after because of its particularly high heat tolerance. The grass can thrive year-round with reseeding and will stay dormant during the winter. It’s also a top choice for residents who enjoy walking on their lawns since it can handle plenty of foot traffic.

During the summer, mow this grass between 1 and 1½ inches, and during the winter, allow it to grow to 2 inches.

St. Augustine

This grass is meant for shady places. If your lawn receives relatively little sunlight, then St. Augustine is a good choice. It tolerates cold weather well and is easy to maintain. The main drawback is the grass turns brown easily due to the fact that overseeding isn’t very effective.

The recommended mowing height is 2½ inches.

Katy Lawn Care Tips

Mowing Tips

Don’t cut more than one-third of the height of your grass. Cutting your grass too short will weaken it and make it more susceptible to pests and lawn diseases. Furthermore, remember to mow frequently until the growth of your lawn either slows down or halts (which generally occurs during winter). Also, mow each time in different directions. Constant mowing in the same direction will cause your grass blades to lean in only one direction, giving your yard an odd look.

After grass cutting, you should leave the clippings behind. They will quickly decompose and become an organic fertilizer for your lawn. This may seem messy, but the health benefits to your lawn are huge. If you hired a lawn service professional, make sure to remind this person to do this.

Mower Blades Should Be Sharp

The blades on your mower eventually become dull. If they’re not sharpened, they will tear your lawn and make grass cutting impossible—resulting in a brown lawn. With sharp mower blades, you only need to pass over your lawn once instead of multiple times to finish the mow. Also, new lawn mowers occasionally don’t come with very sharp blades. You can sharpen your mower blades by either taking it to a lawn service professional or following this DIY guide with pictures.

Set the Right Blade Height

You can adjust the cutting height by raising or lowering the mower’s wheel. Take a look on the side of your lawn mower and find a knob or lever that adjusts the height. Use the previously mentioned recommended heights as your reference.

Hiring a Katy Lawn Care Company

Katy is an enjoyable suburban place to live. There are a lot of activities. Katy Mills Malls is one of the largest shopping spaces in Fort Bend County. And next to it, a giant water park, known as Typhoon Texas, is a thrilling place. With this much going on, many Katy residents choose to hire a lawn service professional instead of staying at home to work on their yards.

Katy lawn care services offer important lawn treatment services, ranging from pest control and weed removal to aeration and overseeding. These services are capable of handling the large estates in this area. Here are some good tips to bear in mind when choosing a lawn care service in Katy.

The first one is to hire an actual lawn service professional, not just anyone who only offers a mower and a truck. A lawn service pro will prevent your lawn from being neglected and unprepared in the long-term, such as failing to identify diseases and pests early. The second tip is to hire a fully-insured lawn service professional. This will save you stress in the rare occasion that a pro damages your property.

Finally, you should consider organizing your neighbors together and ask for a group discount from a lawn care company. If several jobs can be completed with just one visit to a neighborhood, landscapers are more likely to offer discounts because they earn more due to the time saved on their schedules. Landscapers are also held to greater accountability for quality since you and your neighbors will be able to compare lawns afterward.


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