5 Best Grass Types for Virginia Beach, VA

When the delightful spring season kicks in, Virginia Beach residents look to make the most of their green yard by throwing parties or playing games, such as lawn bowls. On the other hand, some might feel less optimistic with a tired and grim-looking turf. Since Virginia lies in the transition zone, the best grass types […]

A Guide to Summer Lawn Care in Virginia Beach

A great looking Virginia lawn doesn’t happen overnight. It takes work and adjustments, discovering just the right thing needed for thick, green grass.

Watering Restrictions in Virginia Beach

Even though there aren’t any watering restrictions for Virginia Beach, the city asks you to be smart about the way you use your water outdoors.

10 Best Native Plants for Virginia Beach, VA

Native plants are low-maintenance and beautiful, adding color to your garden without guzzling a lot of water. Here are five of the favorite native plants for Virginia Beach.

Worst Backyard Pests in Virginia Beach, VA

Ah, summer. But the livin’ isn’t so easy when pesky little critters show up. Slap! Smack! The following are the worst backyard pests in Virginia Beach.

Worst Weeds in Virginia Beach (and How to Get Rid of Them)

Your lawn is the crown jewel of your home. Brilliant, green, and expansive. Then some weed saunters in and ruins everything. Here are Virginia Beach’s worst offenders.