A Guide to Summer Lawn Care in Kansas City

It takes a little knowhow, but a gorgeous green lawn is possible throughout Kansas City’s hot summer. We’ll teach you how with this guide to summer lawn care.

Native Plants for Charlotte

Gardeners take note: You know those fussy plants that struggle in the hottest months of summer and require special care to survive winter? These are, without a doubt, nonnative species, those interlopers not acclimated to the conditions of this region. If you want to save yourself the hassle of bending over backward to keep these […]

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Jacksonville’s warm climate is something that backyard pests really appreciate, too. Here’s a list of the biggest pests, and what to do about them.

Basic Guide to Lawn Mowing and Maintenance in Charlotte

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12 Best Native Plants for Tampa, FL

Florida is a botanical wonderland. From brightly colored flowers to unique tropical trees, the Sunshine State has plenty of native plant diversity – and we’ll help you find the right ones for your Tampa landscape.

12 Worst Weeds in Austin, TX

It’s staggering how quickly Austin has grown thanks to its fabulous music, delicious food trucks, and booming tech industry. Unfortunately, the weeds grow just as fast as the population. No matter how hard you work to keep weeds at bay, they find a way to wreak havoc on your lawn. Here, we’ll help you identify, […]