11 Best Native Plants for New Mexico

The best plants for New Mexico thrive in the local climate. Native plants can endure Southwestern droughts and temperatures that frequently soar to 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. Planting native plants in your New Mexico landscape design provides many benefits, including: New Mexico’s desert-like environment may seem pretty dry and brown, but the Land […]

6 Best Grass Types for New Mexico

New Mexico invokes images of deserts, majestic mesas, and prickly cacti. Most people don’t envision carpets of lush, emerald green grass unfolding across their lawn, but it is possible to maintain a healthy yard in New Mexico. The trick is choosing the best grass type for your New Mexico landscape.  Whether your new build needs […]

7 Worst New Mexico Weeds

It may not seem like much can grow in the heat of the desert, but even New Mexico’s intense droughts and arid climate can’t stop weeds from popping up on your lawn. It’s hard enough for your turfgrass to survive the state’s scorching heat without weeds stealing essential nutrients and crowding it out. You don’t […]

11 Drought-Resistant Landscaping Ideas for New Mexico

The only thing not enchanting about the Land of Enchantment is the relentless heat. New Mexico’s arid climate makes it difficult for certain plants to thrive in your yard. If you’re tired of your water-guzzling yard still left wilted in the summertime, try these drought-resistant landscaping ideas to keep your yard in good shape even […]