9 Drought-Resistant Landscaping Ideas for Montana

Montana is rich in natural resources, wildlife, unique vegetation, and adventure. The Treasure State’s geographic diversity and altitudinal ranges create variable climates. Western Montana is mountainous, with cool summers and snowy winters, while central and eastern Montana experience warmer summers and cold winters. No matter where you live in Big Sky Country, there are drought-resistant […]

6 Fire-Resistant Landscaping Ideas for Montana

Montana is nicknamed “The Last Best Place” for its natural, rugged terrain. It is home to some of the last uninhabited areas in North America, and every year, residents expand further into its remote regions, increasing populations across the wild landscapes and the chances of wildfires. Wildfire activity continues to increase thanks to Montana’s semi-arid […]

7 Best Grass Types for Montana

Montana is rich in natural resources, including gemstones, palladium, and platinum, earning it the moniker of “The Treasure State.” Its climate is classified as semi-arid or steppe, with its mountainous western regions transitioning into a humid continental climate. The Treasure State’s varying elevations experience vast precipitation ranges. Its lowlands and valleys receive as little as […]

20 Best Native Plants for Montana

“The Last Best Place,” “Big Sky Country, ” or “The Treasure State,” no matter what you call Montana, it invokes feelings of mystery, excitement, and adventure. It is the fourth largest state by land area in the U.S. and home to grizzly bears, the Continental Divide, rich natural resources, and diverse landscapes. Invite some abundance […]