Tips for Pet-Proof Fencing Against Predators in Orlando, FL

With its year-round mild weather and lush, green grass, Florida is a pet-paradise. But, like any tropical paradise, it harbors more than its share of dangerous predators. Snakes, alligators, coyotes, panthers, and even hawks and owls pose a risk to your furry friends. There are many actions you can take to protect your pets, starting […]

Why Everyone Wants to Live in Orlando, FL in 30 Pictures

When you think of Orlando, visions of Disney probably dance in your head, but Orlando is more than just Disney World. People from all over the world visit this area of Florida, but most don’t realize Orlando is also one of the best places to live in the United States. Making the move to Orlando […]

Dirt 101: All About Soil Composition in Orlando, FL

The first step to creating a lush, green lawn is understanding your soil. To the frustration of lawn care experts here in Orlando, FL, the soil composition is mostly made up of sand. Healthy lawn care requires smart, careful preparation that starts with prepping the soil for sod – or amending the soil for your existing […]

What You Need to Know About Orlando’s Watering Restrictions

Despite being located in a peninsula surrounded by water on all three sides, uncontaminated fresh water can be scarce in Orlando, FL. Watering the lawn is allowed two twice per week during Daylight Saving Time (second Sunday in March until the first Sunday in November) and once per week during Eastern Standard Time (first Sunday […]

The 6 Best Grass Types for Orlando, FL Lawns

Orlando homeowners have several options for grass types. Before making a selection, a few considerations ensure you’re doing the correct grass cutting and making the right choice for your home. These considerations include the type of irrigation you use, the among of shade on your lawn, and the pH level of your soil. The homeowner […]

The Basics of Lawn Mowing in Orlando, FL

Mowing a lawn seems like the simplest task, and most people think mowing is so easy that they don’t need to seek instructions. Learning proper lawn mowing techniques helps you mow your lawn safely and get the results you want. Make Sure the Blades are Sharp Over time, the blades on your mower need to […]