The 12 Best Trees to Plant in Arizona

Your landscape in Arizona doesn’t need to be barren, and if you want to grow something fun, you’re not limited to cactus. Whether you want a bit of shade on your lawn to protect you from Arizona’s scorching sun or you want to provide food and habitat for local wildlife, there are many reasons to […]

9 Low-Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for Your Arizona Yard

Pushing a mower around the yard under Arizona’s scorching summer sun can be miserable. So if you find yourself melting in the searing heat one afternoon, you might wonder if there’s an easier way to get a nice yard. There is: Consider low-maintenance landscaping for Arizona that reduces your time and effort.  While all yards […]

How Landscaping Can Keep Your Arizona Home Safe From Wildfires

Wildfires are a fact of life here in Arizona. And while you can’t stop them from occurring, a really good fire-resistant landscaping strategy will help keep your home safe from serious damage, or even total ruin due to wildfires. Don’t get the wrong idea. There is no such thing as fireproof plants. Plants burn. But […]

4 Grasses That Grow Best in Your Arizona Lawn

The American Southwest evokes images of stunning red rock canyons and cactus bristling with needle-sharp thorns while also bursting with stunning flowers. A lush green lawn? Maybe not so much. But hang on. Yes, grass does in fact grow in the arid desert climate of Arizona, provided you know which varieties do well there and […]

Low-Maintenance Landscaping Tips for Phoenix, Arizona

When you live in Phoenix, you don’t want to spend weekends taking care of your lawn in the scorching Sonoran Desert. Yet at the same time, no one wants a patch of bare earth surrounding their house. You’re in the right place if you’re trying to find a balance between low-maintenance and curb appeal. We’ve […]

Best Native Plants for Phoenix

When dealing with the challenging climate of the Southwest desert, the key to having a beautiful lawn and garden is working with plants naturally adapted to the hot, arid environment. You can’t expect lily of the valley, which needs moist soil, mild temperatures, and average humidity, to thrive in a dry, sun-baked climate.  Thankfully, there […]