10 Insect-Repelling Plants that Drive Away Nasty Pests

Gardens seem vulnerable because they’re frequent victims of countless bites and pest infestations. But what’s often forgotten is your garden can protect not only itself from pests but also your home in general. This is all achievable by planting a diversity of insect-repelling plants. Here, we compiled a guide of plants that will be effective pest […]

How to Use Lighting To Transform Your Outdoor Space

There are many ways that added lighting can completely change the overall feel of an outdoor space. Many products are on the market that are available in multiple applications to fit every need for outdoor lighting. Consider the following ways to transform your outdoor space by using well placed lighting fixtures. Update Old Lights Replacing […]

New Neighborhood Checklist

There is more to moving into a new home than just the actual house, townhouse, co-op or apartment. You are moving into a new neighborhood, and you may not be happy if you don’t like the community. The ideal thing to do is to visit the area at different times of the day to get […]