Benefits of Xeriscaping Your Lawn

Keeping a lawn healthy and green through the height of a hot summer, is hard enough. It gets even harder if you live in a drought-prone area such as Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, or Texas. That’s why xeriscape landscaping is so popular in those areas. Xeriscaping doesn’t mean you have to fill your yard with cacti; […]

Gardening Without A Garden: 10 Ideas For Your Patio or Balcony

There is no doubt that vegetables and fruits grown in a garden is 100% better than the same vegetables and fruits purchased at the supermarket. But, many people believe they need a home in the country, with a big yard to plant food. This is not true. Plants do not know where they are planted. […]

How to Design a Luxe Outdoor Shower Space

Outdoor showers are the pinnacle of a luxury that can easily be added to homes. Installing an outdoor shower can be made purely for function, relaxation, or both. Consider these elements in how to design a luxe outdoor shower space: Showerheads Choosing the right shower head for an outdoor shower can be vital to the […]

Incorporating Rustic Nature into Your Decor

The calming sensation that is given off on an afternoon stroll through the woods is relaxing and mutually energizing. The look and feel of the rustic outdoors is one of the latest trends in decorating, with more designers incorporating earth tones and patterns, warm lighting, and natural textures. It can easily be adopted into any […]

5 Rustic Décor DIY Projects for Your Outdoor Space

There are plenty of reasons to decorate your outdoor space with DIY backyard projects that you can easily do at home. Choosing a rustic theme is the perfect blend of shabby and chic to withstand the outdoor elements. Creating rustic décor for your outdoor space is just one creative way to decorate your outdoor living […]

Prepping Your Garden for Spring

Whether you live in a state that digs gardening or have an exponentially green thumb–warmer temperatures and chirping birds mean that spring is in the air. Spring is a busy season for gardeners and it is a very important time to make sure that you have a garden prepped for fruitful success. Check out the […]