The 25 Top Pet Peeves of Your Neighbors

All of us have or have had that annoying neighbor who drives them mad. From rowdy fraternities to the daybreak lawn mowers, some neighbors aren’t very neighborly.   And while many of these offenses don’t warrant a call to the police, they may have us considering building higher fences or even putting our house on the market.

And while we know that we aren’t perfect when it comes to being the best neighbor ever, there are times when a neighbor just goes too far in annoying us. Some of these may not be high on your own list of pet peeves but these are the pet peeves that we have found are most common when it comes to less than neighborly neighbors. Let’s take a look at the worst offenders.

25. Lawn Jungle

It’s tough not to notice a neighbor who doesn’t keep their lawn mowed on a regular basis. Without proper lawn maintenance, their overgrown lawn starts to look like a jungle and the weeds overtake the area and threaten your own sculpted yard.  Those lawns are also a breeding ground for snakes. Cora bought her house next to a golf course thinking she’d always have a great view. But the golf course wasn’t controlled by the homeowners association and the outlying grass was more than a foot tall.  She’s had to call a critter control expert several times to get rid of the rattlesnakes that creep into her backyard.

24. Barking Dogs

Who cares if their bark is worse than their bite if it’s the noise that’s keeping you up at night!  It’s enough to encourage you to put up the “for sale” sign. Consider asking neighbors to bring their dog inside during certain hours of the day. Other options include asking them to use a bark collar in order to help curb the incessant barking.

23. Neighborhood Cats

Outdoor cats don’t know boundaries, so they invariably become neighborhood cats. They aren’t too bad until you notice that your yard or kid’s sandbox has become their litter box. Wildlife control officers suggest spraying a cat repellent around your property. You can also do things to deter cats from your yard like not petting them or having anything outdoors that they could eat or drink.

22. Loud Parties

Having a friend or two over is fine….but a few hundred?  Not so great, especially when parties become loud and obnoxious.  Any outdoor party that goes past midnight can cause issues for the next door neighbors and anyone else in the neighborhood who wasn’t invited. If it’s a one-time party you may have to just grin and bear it. If it’s a constant pattern you may want to alert your homeowner’s association before calling the police.

21. Junk Yard

Neighbors who seem to collect random items in their yard create an eyesore.  Usually, those items are in some state of disrepair and end up staying much longer than originally intended. Most cities have ordinances regulating the state of a front yard.  A simple call to code enforcement officer might do the trick.

20. Permanent Driveway Maintenance

Most of us have had to work on our car in the driveway.  But having a broken down car in the driveway can create problems. Cars that are up on blocks and are always being worked on are an eyesore and create a lot of unwanted noise in a neighborhood. Once again, a call to the city’s code enforcement officer may be in order,

19. Over-Decorator

Your neighbor may mean well but living next to the Griswolds (from the movie “Christmas Vacation”) can get old really fast. Add to it those neighbors who keep their decorations up well past the holiday and you’ve got a big pet peeve for many homeowners. You may offer to lend your neighbor a helping hand after the holidays to help remove some of the decor.

18. Nosy Neighbors

Nosy neighbors who seem to know all of your business, as well as everyone else’s, can become quite annoying. Your best bet is to avoid gossiping about your neighbors with anyone. Kindly confront neighbors who have spread rumors about you and remember that sometimes the best way to stop nosy neighbors is to not engage them and give them the cold shoulder.

17. Trash Heaps

Having a few items around your trash cans can be normal but those neighbors who don’t pay for trash service can create quite a nuisance. Large amounts of trash not only smell bad, but they also attract animals that can easily create a problem. Sounds like another city code enforcement issue.

16. Blaring Music

Everyone enjoys different kinds of music but it can be hard to live next to neighbors who are always blaring their own music for everyone else to hear. This includes neighbors who always have their windows open with the music on which can create a difficult situation for others. Most municipalities have noise ordinances but they don’t usually go into effect until after 10 p.m.

15. Used Car Lot

Those neighbors who use their front lawn as more of a used car lot can quickly get on people’s nerves. Cars can be either in working condition or in multiple stages of disarray and become an eyesore. Check the zoning in your neighborhood to see if your neighbor is breaking the law.

14. House Maintenance

Peeling paint and falling gutters can be a time and money issue but those neighbors who have really let their house go can become wearisome for the neighborhood and lower property values. The addition of mold and overgrown vegetation can easily engulf a house as well. Consider checking your neighborhood zoning code to see if a neighbor is in violation.

13. Mean Spirited

Neighbors who always seem to be grumpy or just plain mean can be a pet peeve. These neighbors seem to always have something bad to say about your home, family members, or even yourself…and they aren’t shy about sharing their opinions. Consider killing a mean-spirited neighbor with kindness by getting to know them better or bringing them a plate of cookies. You never know what problems a neighbor can be facing until you ask.

12. Chatty Neighbors

We all enjoy talking to our neighbors from time to time, but there are those who always seem to be outside when you are and a cordial conversation turns into an hour-long saga about their best friend’s sisters’ cat recent visit to the vet. Consider coming up with some predetermined excuses on how to get out of a long conversation by saying you need to use the bathroom or even stating that you have something that could burn in the oven.

11. Dog Poo Piles

Even if you don’t have a dog, you may find your front lawn is being used as a dog relief area from neighbors who walk their dogs on a daily basis. Picking up someone else’s dog mess is just not okay. Place funny signs in your yard that are humorous, but also make a point, to remind neighbors about allowing their dog to use your lawn.

10. Cigarette Butts

Those neighbors who smoke outside have every right to do so but it can become frustrating for those nearby who see the onslaught of cigarette butts on their property. Consider asking neighbors to refrain from leaving their cigarette butts on your lawn. If needed, try picking up the butts when they are outside as well to make a point.

9. Too Many Kids

The overtired mom next door may always send her kids outside which can make your own outside time much less enjoyable. Too many kids can mean a lot of noise, crying, and arguing that can get old really fast. Investing in a great pair of noise-canceling headphones can help keep those screams and cries out of earshot.

8. Sunrise Lawn Mowing

Nothing is worse than wanting to sleep in on a Saturday morning only to be woken up by the neighbor who is mowing his lawn or blowing a leaf blower at 6 am. Kindly ask a neighbor to wait to mow the lawn until an appropriate hour. Consider sharing certain aspects of your life, like a late night work shift or a newborn baby, in order to help neighbors understand your issue.

7. Constant Yelling

Those neighbors who always seem to be in some sort of marital spat can create an uncomfortable situation for neighbors who are slyly trying to make it from their car to the front door without being seen. Try to talk to neighbors who are having issues and remember that everyone can have a bad day sometimes.

6. Bedroom Noise

Neighbors who are loud in the bedroom, even without their windows open, can create some uncomfortable situations for others, especially during the daytime. Use subtle hints with your overly vocal neighbors who may not realize that they can be heard from the street.

5. Too Many Bright Lights

Flooding your property with safety lights may seem like a bright idea, but many homeowners enjoy the beauty of the night sky without the need for police-style floodlights on all of the time. Suggest motion detector light options that will help conserve energy as well as your sanity.

4. Borrowers

An occasional cup of sugar is one thing. When you find yourself lending out your lawnmower, chainsaw, hairdryer, vacuum cleaner, and kitchen chairs it starts to get old…especially when you have to repeatedly ask for the items to be returned. Make a habit to stop allowing neighbors to borrow items when they aren’t returned in a timely manner.

3. Mail Piles

While many residents enjoy checking the mail there is always that one neighbor who seems to let the mail pile up and spill out of their mailbox or crowd their front door. Consider taking the neighbors mail to their door with a small note about how crowded their mailbox was to drop a hint.

2. Boarded Up Windows

Living next to a home with boarded-up windows or doors creates an eyesore and invites a level of danger to a neighborhood. Ask neighbors if you can help them with their property or possibly bring up the situation to the local zoning board as well.

1. Anal Neighbors

Those neighbors who need their lawns in mint condition can easily become a pet peeve. Those who are always mentioning that one bush branch that keeps on creeping over the fence line or the leaves from your tree landing in their yard are the worst. Do your best to comply with your neighbor’s concerns but don’t kill yourself over every single leaf.

Keep in mind, there’s no such thing as a perfect neighborhood. So before you consider retaliating, calling the police or complaining to the neighbor in person, ask yourself “would I be happier living anywhere else?” Even a deserted island has loud wildlife that’s sure to keep you awake!

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About Wikilawn

Wikilawn’s mission is to provide the best resources and information to help you enjoy your outdoor spaces the way you want. Whether you are a DIY, lawn-loving, gardening guru, or someone who wants help in picking a local lawn care professional, we can smooth your path to a beautiful backyard!