How Landscaping Affects Home Value in Austin, TX

Landscaping may seem like an afterthought, something that is nice but not a necessity. That may be true if you are at your house for the long haul, even though most homeowners find landscaping appealing. However, those on the hunt to sell their home or simply want to increase your property value, landscaping can increase its value, particularly for homes in Austin, TX.

First Impression

What’s the first thing you notice when you arrive at a home? You notice landscaping! It might be the tall bushes under the large window. It could the garden bed full of perennial flowers. Proper lawn care and landscaping make an impact where it’s needed – the first impression.

So, when potential buyers arrive at your home, you want to make a serious first impression. They should remember the landscaping and how well your property is maintained. Many buyers will turn away if they think the landscaping is subpar! So, take the first steps and focus on landscaping.

Making a good first impression is important in Austin’s variable market. You are more likely to set the expectation that the rest of the home is just as amazing as this one.

Added Trees Increase Value

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Did you know that mature trees add beauty AND increase your home’s value if they are planted correctly? Mature trees can increase your property’s value by up to 10 percent! Homes in Austin are no exception; potential homebuyers love them! Trees offer vital shade to lawns with families and kids.

It’s important that trees aren’t planted too close to the home because large tree roots can cause foundation issues. So, do your homework before planting to avoid pipes and wires, then you can enjoy the added home value years later.

On the other side, dead and dying trees will hurt your resale value. That means if you plan to put your home on the market anytime soon, you should remove any dead trees and branches. After removing the dead branches, fertilizing, prune, and trim the healthy ones as well. This theory goes with anything on your project. Anything that is not taken care of or well-maintained will decrease your home value.

Don’t worry; you will get back your cost when you sell the home. Even if it costs you $1,000 to take care of the trees around your house, you can expect to make that money back after the house sells.

Proper Lawn Care is Crucial

Landscaping can increase your home’s value by up to 12% – that’s impressive! Now, some landscaping CAN be expensive, so you have to find cheap and easy ways to make sure your yard is maintained.

Here are some helpful tips for keeping your lawn in tiptop shape:

  • Make sure you mow to the correct height. If you move too close to the soil, which is called scalping, you can place unnecessary stress on your grass. Short grass is likely to turn brown, especially during a particularly hot Austin summer!
  • Leave your grass clippings behind you after you mow. Grass clippings will decompose back into your soil and add nitrogen back into the soil.
  • Don’t forget to edge! Use a proper edger, not a weed whacker, to create that clean, neat look that will increase your home value.
  • Make sure you trim your bushes. While that is time-consuming, it will increase the overall maintained look of your property.

Landscaping Extends the Living Space

Landscaping is more than just plants and flower beds; it’s also the porch or patio in your backyard. A well-planned landscape creates an outdoor living space that gives the homeowner more area to spend with friends and family.

Austin, TX residents are lucky; the climate is sub-tropical and warm more often than not. Residents want to take advantage of that and live outside. Your home’s landscape plans might include a covered space, like a pergola, with drapes and couches for relaxing. There could be an area to grill and serve drinks to friends. Don’t forget a firepit and a huge swing set.

Landscaping includes other things as well, such as:

Landscaping Adds Money in Your Pocket

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A well-landscaped home can get 5.5 to 12.7 percent increase in the home’s original value. That means if your home is worth $200,000, you can earn an extra $10,000 to $25,400 when your home finally sells!

Research shows that large landscape expenditures increase the home value and fetch a higher selling price than homes with minimal landscape. According to the responders in the study, most homeowners want to purchase a home with a sophisticated landscape. Plant size and the diversity of the plants also play a factor in how pleased home layers.

You might wonder what is a sophisticated landscape includes. Home buyers want to see large deciduous trees, along with evergreen trees and colorful annual plants. The American Society of Landscape Architects suggests that homeowners invest 10 percent of the home’s value into landscaping.

Homebuyers want to see more than plants. Outdoor rooms, terraces, and decks are high-returning investments to make in your landscaping plans.

Consider Hiring a Pro

If you’re trying to figure out how landscaping affects home value, you might want to consider calling in a professional. A landscape architect can create a detailed plan that a contractor will be able to follow. Best of all, the plan will be just for your home! These experts understand botany, engineering, and design, anything with horticulture.

Using a professional also helps you avoid the most common mistake when it comes to landscaping – piecing things together. Your landscaping plan should flow together, and homeowners often start random projects without a plan as to how it all fits together. The result looks like a hodgepodge, which can turn off homebuyers.

Austin, TX Landscaping

Austin, TX has a competitive real estate market right now, and there is a lot of competition against your home. If you want to stand out against others AND get the most bang for your buck, hire a professional to create a landscaping plan. A well-designed landscape will make a lasting first impression, leading to a quick offer when you decide it’s time to sell your home.

Still have questions about lawn care or landscaping? Please share your thoughts in the comments below or visit our Austin lawn care page for more information.

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Wikilawn’s mission is to provide the best resources and information to help you enjoy your outdoor spaces the way you want. Whether you are a DIY, lawn-loving, gardening guru, or someone who wants help in picking a local lawn care professional, we can smooth your path to a beautiful backyard!

About Wikilawn

Wikilawn’s mission is to provide the best resources and information to help you enjoy your outdoor spaces the way you want. Whether you are a DIY, lawn-loving, gardening guru, or someone who wants help in picking a local lawn care professional, we can smooth your path to a beautiful backyard!