Incorporating Rustic Nature into Your Decor

The calming sensation that is given off on an afternoon stroll through the woods is relaxing and mutually energizing. The look and feel of the rustic outdoors is one of the latest trends in decorating, with more designers incorporating earth tones and patterns, warm lighting, and natural textures. It can easily be adopted into any […]

How Landscaping Affects Home Value in Austin, TX

Landscaping may seem like an afterthought, something that is nice but not a necessity. That may be true if you are at your house for the long haul, even though most homeowners find landscaping appealing. However, those on the hunt to sell their home or simply want to increase your property value, landscaping can increase […]

5 Rustic Décor DIY Projects for Your Outdoor Space

There are plenty of reasons to decorate your outdoor space with DIY backyard projects that you can easily do at home. Choosing a rustic theme is the perfect blend of shabby and chic to withstand the outdoor elements. Creating rustic décor for your outdoor space is just one creative way to decorate your outdoor living […]

Prepping Your Garden for Spring

Whether you live in a state that digs gardening or have an exponentially green thumb–warmer temperatures and chirping birds mean that spring is in the air. Spring is a busy season for gardeners and it is a very important time to make sure that you have a garden prepped for fruitful success. Check out the […]

10 Insect-Repelling Plants that Drive Away Nasty Pests

Gardens seem vulnerable because they’re frequent victims of countless bites and pest infestations. But what’s often forgotten is your garden can protect not only itself from pests but also your home in general. This is all achievable by planting a diversity of insect-repelling plants. Here, we compiled a guide of plants that will be effective pest […]

How to Use Lighting To Transform Your Outdoor Space

There are many ways that added lighting can completely change the overall feel of an outdoor space. Many products are on the market that are available in multiple applications to fit every need for outdoor lighting. Consider the following ways to transform your outdoor space by using well placed lighting fixtures. Update Old Lights Replacing […]