Lawn Mowing & Maintenance in Columbus

Your beautiful Central Ohio home is a source of pride and joy. Part of that joy is the sometimes-overwhelming task of yard care. Lawn mowing and maintenance in Columbus is, at the very least, a weekly chore — whether you do it yourself or hire a lawn service.  Mowing, weeding, fertilizing, aerating … it’s all […]

Controlling the Worst Weeds in Columbus

Homowners can’t be blamed for getting frustrated if, after putting many hours of hard work into a creating a beautiful lawn, they find weeds cropping up. The weather in Columbus, Ohio, contributes to the weed population with hot and humid summers and periods of heavy rainfall.  Being proactive and controlling the worst weeds in Columbus […]

Lawn Mowing and Maintenance in Cincinnati

There’s more to lawn mowing and maintenance in Cincinnati than simply dragging out the mower once a week. Here’s what to do.

Best Native Plants for Cincinnati

These plants have adapted to the Cincinnati climate and soil conditions, so they need less water, fertilizer, and maintenance.

Worst Weeds in Cincinnati Lawns

Summer heat means summer weeds, and there are a number of these unwanted plants waiting to take over your lawn. We’ve identified some of the worst weeds in Cincinnati lawns, along with ways to get rid of them. Crabgrass This weed spreads across the ground from one central root, and has wide, flat leaf blades. […]

Watering Restrictions in Cincinnati

Watering restrictions are not a concern for Cincinnati, but it’s still a good idea to conserve.