Fragrant and Winter Flowering Shrub: Luculia gratissima

The plant in picture is Luculia gratissima – an excellent bloomer and ornamental shrub from south Asia particularly from the Himalayas. Luculia gratissima belongs to the family of popular flowering shrubs and trees including Ixora, Gardenia and Hamelia. It is an evergreen shrub or small tree (up to 5 meters) that bears beautiful glossy leaves […]

Ornamental Shrub with Fragrant Flowers: Elaeagnus pungens

Elaeagnus is a genus of ornamental shrubs, small trees and flowering plants from subtropical and temperate regions of Europe and Asia. Majority of the species are very adaptable plants that can be grown outdoors in almost every garden. Generally, the genus of Elaeagnus comprises of sun-loving plants that prefer fertile soil and regular watering. However, […]

Creative DIY Gardening Idea # 18: Rock & Moss Landscape
Agave Collection in my Succulent Garden

My love for succulents especially Agaves in not old but it is for sure obsessive. In fact, I have replaced many other plants in my collection with Agaves. The following are some of the Agaves in my succulent garden. Agave victoria reginae My favorite plant – Agave victoria reginae is slow but easy to grow […]

7 Edible Herbs to Grow at Home

Mint: Mint is one of the easiest herbs to grow. It just requires sunny or partially shaded spot in a moist and regular soil mix. Mint can be grown from stems cuttings (3 to 4 cm) that can be planted into the moist soil or water until cuttings develop roots. Mint can be grown in […]

Creative DIY Gardening Idea # 16: Flowers Bed