15 Best Native Plants for Central Texas

Try as you might, you can’t get every plant to thrive in Central Texas’ humid subtropical climate. Why not give your garden a better chance with Texas native plants? The best native plants for Central Texas are much more likely to be: Remember, Texas is a big state with several different climates. A plant that […]

Best Grasses for a Great Texas Lawn

We Texans like to say, “If you don’t like the weather, stick around a minute” because it changes so rapidly. These wild fluctuations – cold to hot, rainy to scorching, windy to still – and the varied climates of this massive state, can wreak havoc on grass and plants. So before you invest in expensive […]

10 Best Native Plants for Southeast Virginia

Southeast Virginia is blessed with a temperate climate where you can enjoy the outdoors all year round. From snapping pictures of seals in Blakeney Point to taking long walks in Buckroe Beach and Park, there are plenty of activities for nature lovers to enjoy. Wondering how you can give back to the local ecosystem? With […]

12 Spring Lawn Care Tips for Homeowners in North Georgia

As springtime takes hold in North Georgia, you’re looking at new life budding from your awakening lawn. But if you want your lawn to reach peak condition this spring and summer, it’s important to give it a little early-season pampering. To help you do that, our lawn experts have put together 12 spring lawn care […]

4 Grasses That Grow Best in Your Arizona Lawn

The American Southwest evokes images of stunning red rock canyons and cactus bristling with needle-sharp thorns while also bursting with stunning flowers. A lush green lawn? Maybe not so much. But hang on. Yes, grass does in fact grow in the arid desert climate of Arizona, provided you know which varieties do well there and […]

4 Grasses That Thrive in Western Carolina

It would be a shame to have a lawn that doesn’t match the beauty and extraordinary atmosphere of Western Carolina’s wildlife and waterfalls. But not every grass type is the same. If you’re in the market for a lush, green lawn, consider planting one of these 4 grasses that thrive here. In this article: 4 […]