10 Best Native Plants for Spokane, WA

You can enjoy a fantastic garden in Lilac City by planting native plants that are adapted to the city’s warm summers and cold, snowy winters. Need a guide? Let’s take a look at the 10 best native plants for Spokane.   In this article: Advantages of Native Plants Over Non-Natives Native plants belong to a specific […]

5 Best Grass Seeds for Portland, OR

Portland’s official nickname may be “The Rose City,” but those sweet-smelling blooms aren’t the only major growers ‘round this way. Turfgrasses are a big, big deal here, too. In fact, the Willamette Valley has a little nickname of its own — the “grass seed capital of the world.” With a reputation like that, securing a […]

Best Grass Types for Tulsa, OK

Whether you’re patching an existing lawn, or starting a new lawn from scratch, choosing the best grass type for your Tulsa lawn is key if you want it to survive the harsh temperature swings of the Sooner State. This article will look at the four best grass types for Tulsa, Oklahoma. Cool-Season vs. Warm-Season Grasses […]

10 Great Perennials for Your North Carolina Landscape

Want a garden that is both beautiful and low-maintenance? Try these 10 great perennials for your North Carolina landscape, which are both beautiful and hardy enough to thrive in our temperate climate and its four distinct seasons.  In this article: 1. American Boneset (Eupatorium perfoliatum) Photo Credit: Kevin Kenny / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0 […]

5 Best Grass Seeds for Kansas

A fruitful walk on one of the Tallgrass Prairie National Reserve’s hiking trails is invigorating. So is returning home to a beautiful lawn reminiscent of the recreational and enlightening journey. This article highlights four of the best grass seeds for Kansas, so you can bring as much of the nostalgia home with you as possible.  […]

5 Best Grass Seeds for Colorado

Colorado’s grass faces a tough challenge due to its climate. Between the cold winters and dry, hot summers, the extreme temperature shifts can cause your lawn to look withered and brown. Planting the right grass seeds is essential to ensure a resilient and lush-looking landscape. Here you will find the 5 best grass seeds for […]