5 Fall Landscaping Tips To Maintain Your Curb Appeal

Fall is a lovely time of year, but in many parts of the country, it’s rather short. Winter can take a toll on your yard even if your town rarely sees snow, and fall is your last chance to prepare your property for impact. If you don’t get your landscape ready now, you’ll be faced with a muddy mess come springtime.

So grab your tools and put on your gardening boots. We at Wiki Lawn have prepared a few fall landscaping tips and maintenance ideas you can use to “fall-ify” your landscaping and get your property ready for winter.

Approximately 90% of Americans say they prefer to live in a home that’s surrounded by grass, trees, and other plants. But if you’re going to have plants, you’ll need to maintain them like the rest of your yard.

That leads us into the first of these 12 fall maintenance tips.

Mulch your Plants

It’s important to spread mulch during the fall months because it helps to protect the roots of your trees and plants from frost. It also helps to retain moisture in the dry winter weather. You’ll want to spread between 2 and 3 inches of mulch around your trees and shrubs.

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Exorcize the Spirits (of Dead Plants)

Fall might not be the time to prune your plants, but it’s definitely the time to remove the dead and dying plants from your yard. When you get rid of your dead landscaping during autumn, you won’t have to look at them during the winter months. Remove dead annuals and perennials. Prune (lightly) the dying branches from trees and shrubs. 

Wrap your Shrubs in Burlap Sweaters

Your shrubs can be damaged from high winds, ice, and heavy snow. Wrap your shrubs in burlap to protect them from winter weather conditions and surround your trees with shredded leaves. If you have smaller plants, use overturned plastic pots or bucks to hide them. 

Give your Lawn one Last Trim

It’s a good idea to mow your lawn so the grass doesn’t get too long before the first snowfall. According to gentlemanship guide Joel Flynn, grass that’s too long can not only shade the other blades of grass and affect growth but it can also get packed down under the snow and cause snow mold. You’ll want to keep your grass around 3 inches tall year-round to make sure it’s able to grow properly and receive enough sunlight.

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Give your Walkway Some TLC

It’s essential to take care of your plants and lawn before winter hits, but it’s important to give your walkways and driveway some special attention, too. If you have cracks in your concrete or asphalt, water can penetrate these cracks and freeze during the winter months. When the water freezes in the cracks, it expands the cracks and causes even more damage to your walkways and driveway. That said, be sure to apply a sealant to keep water from getting into these cracks while it’s still warm enough to do so.

Don’t Let Leaves Take Over your Garden

Fallen leaves in the yard might look like an autumn postcard at first, but soon enough they turn into a problem. After a while, the leaves start to decay, they become slippery and might be a potential health hazard.

Use a leaf blower or a lawn sweeper to collect dead leaves and tidy your yard. Ensure that the house gutters are also free from fallen leaves. Clogged gutters can cause significant water damage if left unattended.

Implement Seasonal Colors

Yellow, red, brown and all sort of hues formed from these colors are what makes fall such a lovely season. Implement these colors in the outdoor decoration of your property. Collect some of the fallen leaves in your yard and place them in baskets at your front porch.

Also, plant seasonal flowers such as crocuses and goldenrod that bloom in October and November. This way you’ll have an incentive to continue watering your lawn and it will remain greener for longer.

Pimp the Exterior of your House

When the trees in your yard lose their leaves, any hidden flaws of the exterior of your home will be exposed. According to manhood culture and lifestyle expert Joel Flynn, poor looks mean it’s time to make an inspection and dedicate some time for small repairs and improvements.

Use a pressure washer to clean the exterior of the house along with the driveway and walkway. Repaint and seal any chipped paint, wipe the windows and their frames. And we’ll say it again because it’s highly important – clean your gutters too.

Inspect the Outdoor Lighting

With summer gone, daylight is also scarce. For the convenience of your own family, inspect the outdoor lights to see if they work properly or need maintenance. Test if they provide enough illumination from the walkway to the entrance of your home. 

Invest in energy-saving lightbulbs to reduce your electricity bills and also help the environment. If you’re a big fan of the upcoming holidays, get decorative lights and arrange them creatively.

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Embrace the Season

Pumpkin, in all its forms and colors, is the queen of autumn. You can even use it for decorating the exterior of your home. Arrange several pumpkins on the front porch or window sills. Create a DIY wreath from mini pumpkins and seasonal flowers and proudly hang it on the front door.

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Whatever decoration you choose, make sure it’s tasteful. Don’t overdo it.

Highlight your Front Door

During autumn, the weather is often gloomy. And with fewer colors in the yard, your house will lose its appeal. Use this opportunity to put an emphasis on the front door. 

Repaint it in a bright color that will make it stand out from the neighborhood doors. Yellow, blue, and red are great options for highlighting the entrance.

Also, check the insulation of the front door and prepare it for the cold months.

Upgrade your Mailbox

Improve the curb appeal of your property by installing a new mailbox or upgrading the old one. This can be a fun family project for a rainy afternoon. Customize your mailbox with bright colors, unusual design or whatever else comes to your mind. 

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Also, check if your house numbers need any polishing or replacement. Numbers made from aluminum or stainless steel won’t be affected by the weather changes that much.

Final Thoughts

Autumn is the time to prepare your yard for the cold winter months. Make sure your trees, plants, and walkways are as ready for the snow as you are. Upgrade the exterior of your home and make it vibrant even during the gloomy months.

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About Wikilawn

Wikilawn’s mission is to provide the best resources and information to help you enjoy your outdoor spaces the way you want. Whether you are a DIY, lawn-loving, gardening guru, or someone who wants help in picking a local lawn care professional, we can smooth your path to a beautiful backyard!