Guide to Summer Lawn Care in Austin, TX

Austin temperatures climb as spring turns into summer and rainfall becomes scarce. Add inconsistent soil and constant city construction, and maintaining a healthy lawn isn’t easy. It takes hard work and vigilance. However, if you follow our guide to summer lawn care in Austin, you can rest easy knowing you’re giving your lawn a fighting […]

A Guide to Summer Lawn Care in Dallas

Dallas averages 234 sunny days every year. Its subtropical climate and notoriously hot summers come with their own rulebook for lawn care. Nutrient-less and hard clay soils plague the Metroplex, making lawn preparations important if your plants are going to survive the North Texas sun. Follow this guide to summer lawn care in Dallas to […]

31 Pictures Showing Why Everyone is Moving to Austin, Texas

Texas might be booming, but Austin is on fire. In 2016, Austin was the 3rd fastest growing city and #1 in the rankings for the most new home construction in the United States for good reasons. Not only is the Austin economy on the rise with unemployment dropping, but it also has a happening live […]

The #1 Dallas Lawn Watering Guide for Spring/Summer 2019

Dallas spring weather is sometimes all over the place. Unpredictably there will be excessive heat sprinkled with freezing temperatures and sometimes even a tornado will pass by. Luckily the grasses that are most popular in Dallas can put up with these different types of weather. Arguably, the most important part of lawn care is watering. […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Watering Austin, TX Lawns

Austin, Texas is home to some hot and humid summers. There is always a chance for drought in this region and so its residents need a solid foundation of watering methods to continue to conserve as much water as possible. Below we have compiled a guide to watering the lawn specific to the region of […]

5 Best Grass Types for Dallas, TX

With an average temperature of 79 degrees Fahrenheit in October, it is easy to see why backyard barbecues and frozen margaritas are so popular in Dallas, Texas, and it would be a shame not to show off your lush, green yard. The best grass types for Dallas need little water to thrive in the city’s […]