Watering Restrictions in Dallas, Irving and Plano

It’s shaping up to be a fantastic 2019 in Texas, at least when it comes to drought. As the year began, more than 95% of the state was NOT in drought, and water levels were at their highest since the early 1990s. It’s certainly a very different picture than it was 10 years ago when […]

11 Worst Bugs in Dallas, TX (and How to Get Rid of Them)

Texas is one of the most bug-diverse locations in the U.S. and home to almost 30,000 species of insects. Thanks to “Big D’s’ subtropical climate, 40 inches of annual rain, and average daily temperatures around 78 degrees Fahrenheit, the Metroplex is a bug’s paradise. We compiled a list of the 11 worst bugs in Dallas, […]

A Guide to Summer Lawn Care in Dallas

Dallas averages 234 sunny days every year. Its subtropical climate and notoriously hot summers come with their own rulebook for lawn care. Nutrient-less and hard clay soils plague the Metroplex, making lawn preparations important if your plants are going to survive the North Texas sun. Follow this guide to summer lawn care in Dallas to […]

Lawn Treatment Advice for Fire Ants in Dallas

The desire for lawn maintenance can come from a sense of pride for your landscape or a need to surround yourself with living things. Regardless of why you keep your yard looking tidy and clean, there are benefits for having the lawn maintained that go beyond how you want your property to look. Mowing the […]

30 Pictures That Truly Show Why Dallas is Awesome

Everyone is moving to Dallas, TX, or so it seems. The city averages 300 more people every single day; that’s a huge growth spurt! It’s easy to understand why everyone wants to live here with the year-round great weather, a booming cultural scene, and a rocking economy. Dallas, TX has the 5th best city economy […]

The #1 Dallas Lawn Watering Guide for Spring/Summer 2019

Dallas spring weather is sometimes all over the place. Unpredictably there will be excessive heat sprinkled with freezing temperatures and sometimes even a tornado will pass by. Luckily the grasses that are most popular in Dallas can put up with these different types of weather. Arguably, the most important part of lawn care is watering. […]