Raleigh, NC Watering Restrictions

Water is one of our most precious natural resources, that’s why many cities and counties put restrictions on lawn watering. The lawn watering restrictions in Raleigh are based on current drought conditions and often change, depending on the current weather patterns. The majority of Raleigh’s water comes from Falls Lake Reservoir in northern Wake County. […]

Worst Backyard Pests in Raleigh and How to Control Them

Many people move to Raleigh for the mild and short winters. These winters, combined with hot and humid conditions the rest of the year, create the perfect breeding ground for a number of insects. Backyard pests, including the ones that bite, can scare us out of our backyard and into the house. It’s even worse […]

18 Worst Weeds in Raleigh and How to Get Rid of Them

Small weeds indicate larger problems in your Raleigh lawn. The most effective prevention method is understanding the pesky weeds so you can eradicate them. Discover the 18 worst weeds in Raleigh and how to get rid of them.  Why Are Weeds Bad for Your Raleigh Lawn? Weeds drain nutrients from your lawn, signifying underlying problems […]

Raleigh, NC, Lawn Mowing and Maintenance

Homeowners in the Triangle know a thing or two about landscaping. Raleigh enjoys the nickname, “City of Oaks” thanks to the majestic trees that line the city streets and parks. Those oaks provide shade for many backyards here. Both front and back lawns are common gathering areas as homeowners enjoy all that the seasons have […]

13 Native Plants for Raleigh, NC

Elevate your Raleigh landscape with native flowers, trees, and shrubs, and invite immense benefits into your landscape. Native plants are hardy, low-maintenance, and adapted to the City of Oaks. They invite beneficial pollinators to your garden, reduce chemical use, and promote a healthier North Carolina ecosystem. Read on to discover 13 native plants for Raleigh […]