A Visit to Allan Gardens Conservatory, Toronto

Allan Gardens Conservatory is my favorite retreat from the hum drum of corporate life. It is a serene oasis jewelled right in the middle of the busy Carlton, Jarvis and Gerrard streets of Toronto. The garden that hosts conservatory has long stretches of green grass and more than 300 old trees. Some noticeable species are […]

For the love of Bougainvillea

I sat down to write something about Bougainvillea but I feel I do not have words worthy of its praise. Bougainvillea has a special value in my life – it is harbinger of spring. The lovely and show colors of Bougainvillea are signs of spring and warm sunny season. The lush colors of Bougainvillea fill […]

2013: Wonderful World

I see trees of green – red roses too I see em bloom -for me and for you And I think to myself -what a wonderful world.   I see skies of blue – clouds of white Bright blessed days – dark sacred nights And I think to myself – what a wonderful world.   The colors of a rainbow – so pretty […]

Yellow, Green, Yellow?
Ariocarpus Retusus

Ariocarpus Retusus in my succulent garden.

Cassia Surattensis: Macro Monday