4 Best Grass Types in Lawrenceville, Georgia

Lawns in Lawrenceville, Georgia, can be as temperamental as the weather. Not all grass types like the sticky, hot summers and rainy winters. Lawrenceville sits in the Transition Zone, which can make finding the perfect balance of cool-season and warm-season grass types a hassle. While there are no specific water regulations for Gwinnett County, it’s […]

7 Best Grass Types in Kissimmee, Florida

Florida’s heat presents some challenges for maintaining a great yard, but with the right grass type your Kissimmee, Florida, yard can be as pristine as Lakefront Park.  Here are the seven best grass types for Kissimmee lawns: 1. St. Augustine grass St. Augustine grass, the most popular grass in the Sunshine State, produces a green […]

4 Best Grass Types in Aurora, Colorado

Colorado’s third-largest city is known for its outdoor recreation and calming atmosphere, and at home, residents of Aurora often relax in backyards blanketed with a plush green carpet. But how can you grow and maintain a beautiful lawn in Aurora? With an elevation of approximately 5,400 feet, Aurora presents unique challenges in terms of landscaping […]

3 Best Grass Types in West Palm Beach

Lawns in West Palm Beach, Florida, often look picture-book worthy, but that’s largely due to the near-perfect weather and homeowners selecting grass types that thrive in all that warm weather and tolerate both dry and rainy seasons. First, a bit of background on that year-round summer weather and a challenge for lawn care in West […]

4 Best Grass Types in Hialeah, Florida

Hialeah, Florida, is known of course for the historic Hialeah Park racing and casino, and for its endless summer weather. Homeowners choosing a grass type for their lawn will want to opt for a warm-season turf.  Other factors to consider when selecting a grass type that best fits your family’s routines and thrives in Hialeah’s […]